valentinesBe honest.

Have you ever had the kind of intimate love relationship that you desire?  The kind of love that is passionate, toe curling, laugh until you cry, sensual, erotic, reliable, connected and adventurous?

Well, neither have most peopleyou are not alone.

It is also possible that while you may have been married, you never really experienced true love; which only means that you are on a journey to experience something that is going to blow your mind!

Where you are today is not where you are going to be one week, month or year from now.

Today, your heart may be broken.

Today, you may believe that you are never going to find love.

Today you may be having the time of your life dating; or have had just about enough of going out on dates that suck.

Or, today you may be in the early days of a new romance; and be experiencing the fear and discomfort that comes with the uncertainty of what the future holds.

I get it.

I get all of it….because I have been there.

After my divorce I wanted it all.  Great sex, flirting, romance, eroticism, dating and love.

What wasn’t clear to me then was that while I could have them all in one relationship, I first had to experience each of them on their own.

I craved a sexual awakeningan exploration of my own sexuality and sensuality.  I wanted to play; to let out my erotic, adventurous and insanely feminine bad girl.  I wanted to be safe, but I wanted to reconnect with the many parts of the woman I had lost touch with.

I wanted to practice flirting and master my own feminine energy.

I needed to dateto experience the many wonderful men out there whether they were the one or not.  I wanted to understand and appreciate the masculine and get clear on what I really wanted in my next relationship.

And so I did just that.

I enjoyed an abundance of sexual experiences.  Some were chance encounters; others were with the men I dated.

I indulged in more than one friend with benefits; amazing men with whom I shared a fabulous friendship and a sensual, sexual journey.

I stepped fully into my power as a woman; and practiced the fine art of flirting.

I made a commitment to being and communicating my truth and living intentionally.

I learned what I liked, what I don’t like and what I want more of.  I did the hard work of understanding who I am not only as a woman, but as a partner; and got clear on what I want a new relationshipnew love to look and feel like.

It was a time for me to fall in love with myself as a woman.

It was incredibly fun, but also incredibly hard work.

It was erotic, edgy, liberating and awakening.

But there was also loneliness, discomfort and uncertaintyand many dark days.

I made lots of mistakes and my fair share of bad decisions; and I learned from each and every one of them.

Mostly I learned that all of itthe flirting, sensuality, sex, dating and romance….is merely an expression and reflection of how I feel about myself.  

So I focused on me, and how I wanted to feel; and I began to choose to spend time only with men who celebrated all that I am and am meant to be.

And then, there was a moment I knew.  A moment I knew that I was ready for new love.  A moment that I realized this journey had prepared me for my next relationship, and I breathed into the knowing.

That’s when it happened; when he showed up in my life.  And thus began a love story that I never imagined I would or could experience.

Six years later we are still loving, learning, growing and evolving.  One moment, one conversation, one kiss at a time.

On this Valentine’s Day, celebrate wherever you are in the journey; and know that your love story is out there waiting for you.

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