It’s tonight.

It came up so quickly, I can’t believe it is actually here.

On Friday I spent the day at Patty Lennon’s Mom Grows a Business Conference and all I have to say is WOW!  What an incredible day it was.

If you know me, then you know how particular and critical I am of programs that don’t live up to their promises or my expectations.  I have trained with and learned from the best so my expectations have been set at an extremely high level.

This conference met and exceeded all of my expectationsit was a fantastic day of inspiration and being surrounded by wonderful women!

I love Patty and her mission, to support women to launch and grow their businesses so that they can create the kind of life that they imagine; she and I are soul sisters in our desire to watch women fill their lives with joy and abundance.

As the day went on, each and every speaker, regardless of her expertise, attributed her personal and professional success to the same following activities:

  • Understanding and facing her fear
  • Taking risks to get what she wants
  • Believing that what she wants is possible even if she doesn’t know how it will happen
  • Letting go of relationships and circumstances that don’t support where she is going

As I led my own lunchtime workshop and listened to the stories of the many of amazing women in attendance, I heard it over and over again; what do I let go of and how, so I can create the time, energy and courage to get what I want romantically, professionally and financially?

Well, we are in this togetherit is about sisterhood; and teaching, supporting and empowering you to do just that is my passion and purpose.

Tonight begins my four week program, The Art of Letting Go: When Smart, Sophisticated and Sexy Women Choose to Prepare for what comes NEXT.

Yep, sign me up!

This program is my way of setting you free on your path to personal and professional success; of giving you everything you need to allow yourself to believe that everything you want is possible and the tools to go out and get it, because it is.

And, as I sit today and prepare for our first class tonight, I still can’t believe that it is only $97?!

It is not too late to join us and I would LOVE to watch you take your first and bold step towards what comes next!

Yeah baby!  Tonight’s the night!



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