Something big is coming.

I’m not throwing that out as some kind of marketing teaser, but rather to let you know that I will hopefully have big news to share with you in the next week or so.

You probably have heard me say it before, and I will say it again now.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

As I look at my own new and next chapter, this could not be more true.

We are not fortune tellers.

We are not mind readers.

And we have no ability to predict the future.

We can, however, do three things that should ensure that you have set the foundation for what you want to come next, even if you don’t yet truly believe it is possible.

  1. Follow your “yes”

Say “yes” to everything that feels good to you.  According to most sources, adults make approximately 35,000 decisions every day. Many of them are benign and routine (to brush our teeth, what to eat, and all of the directional decisions when driving our cars…) The question is, how many decisions are you making every day that are things that make you feel good? How many are decisions to choose, to pursue or to follow your “yes”?

It doesn’t matter if it is personal, professional, social, educational, physical….just follow what your heart, mind and soul are drawn to. You may not know where they will lead, or how they do or will fit into your life and career, but that doesn’t matter much. Everything you do and experience that nourishes your mind and body will strengthen your foundation and propel you forward.

  1. Seek out continuous learning

Look for opportunities to grow, learn and expand. It could be personal or professional, or a combination of both, but actively seek them out. It could be through the books you choose to read, online webinars and programs, working with a life or executive coach, taking a class, or participating in a workshop or retreat. If you come away having learned anything at all, you will have pushed yourself forward on your path to where you are meant to be.

One of the ways I have always sought to learn and grow is through participation in personal and professional development and connecting with as many interesting and extraordinary individuals as possible. When I come across someone that I find exciting, I reach out and introduce myself. I do it through facebook, linkedin, through my work or randomly in my day to day life. I ask to talk or to meet; for the sole purpose of getting to know more about them. As a result, I have built an incredible network of amazing people who I can call on for almost anything I could ever need or want, and often, I am able to connect people around things that will expand their worlds. 

Learning is stimulating and keeps us energized and refreshed; at the same time welcoming in all kinds of possibility and opportunity.

  1. Take action every day

I am an action-taker, as you probably already know by now.  If I see something I want, I go out and get it.  If someone I trust and admire comments that they are reading a fantastic book, I buy it and read it.  When I feel stagnant, I seek out something that I can take action on to change my state.

My work with Tony Robbin’s through his Mastery University taught me that I could change my state in an instant if I take action to do so.  This lesson has served me well and I am in control of how I feel at all times.  However, it was through Angela Jia Kim and her incredible Savor the Success community, participation in a number of her Savor Circles and using her Manifest Method that I learned just how critical it is to take action in my life each and every day. 

It doesn’t always have to be major, significant action, but one step at a time towards what you want to do, be and create.  You may not see the result of these actions immediately, but over time, they are the single best way to create momentum in your life and career.

There were many times over these 20 years where I have asked myself why I got an MBA in strategic planning and finance.  At the time I enrolled, I knew in my soul that it was what I wanted to do, but even when going through the program, I never had a vision for how I would use it in my life and career.  In fact, I got married over the summer in between the academic years, and was pregnant within months of graduation.

For over 20 years I have wondered, and yet now the reason has become clear. 

You are on a journey.

You may not know yet where you are going, but you are on your way.

Over these years I have made many choices and taken even more action; and most of the time have no clue as to where it was all leading. 

But even when it wasn’t clear, I still took action.

In a week or so I will be able to share more about how it has all come together, and I will use my perfectly imperfect journey to show you just how powerful each and every choice you make is for your life a career.

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