This week one of my favorite Facebook friends and colleagues, Pamela Madsen, wrote the following five truths about happiness:

1. Stop waiting to be rescued.
2. Tell the truth. Don’t duck it. Twist it. Gas light it. Just tell it. Then defend it.
3. Give to the world what you want most in your life.
4. Honor your ability to hold happiness in one hand and pain in the other. Know that they are both true and belong to you.
5. There is no beginning. There is no end. Only transition.”

When I saw her post, I joked with her by asking how my words came out of her mouth?

I believe in these five truths, and not only do I believe in them, I have made them the principles by which I live my life…and I have for a long time.

Most of you know that my journey owning these principles began after my divorce almost 12 years ago. The choice to divorce was my first, hardest and most painful truth and from there, every day has been a commitment and re-commitment to living an intentional, transparent and transition driven life.

Next week I will be sharing with you my most recent new and next chapter.

After a 25 year professional journey, I have just made the decision to align myself with an incredible team of women to support individuals, teams and organizations as they seek extraordinary, inspired leadership and success.

While I have long dreamed about finding a tribe and opportunity that fit my talent, intellect and soul, there was always a piece of me that didn’t truly believe that I could and would ever find it. The road was long, turbulent and intersected my life, relationships and career; I will be sharing more about it with you in the coming weeks.

You should know, however, that this road included marriage, divorce, new love, more loss. It included single parenting, debt, and all kinds of choices along the way. It included paralyzing feelings of shame and excruciating vulnerability.

It included working full time, adding a business on the side and spending countless resources of my time, energy, and money on building an entrepreneurial business…all while continuing to work full time so that I could stay in my house and pay my bills.

It has included multiple job changes, more tears than you could possibly imagine, and the beautiful, supportive, and wise words from countless friends, colleagues, coaches and communities.

It has included good days and bad, surprising success and heartbreaking failure; and infinite moments of fear, overwhelm and the lure of giving up.

But in all of this, through all of this, I found my courage, strength and resilience. I found that these five principles not only do lead to happiness, but with discipline and tenacity, they will also lead to what you truly desire.

There’s no way over it.
No way under it.
No way around it.

The only way is through it.

If you are navigating turbulence and change this holiday season,
If you are looking to find your courage, strength and resilience as you enter the new year, and if you have held yourself back from getting the kind of support you need and deserve, then let’s talk.

We are not meant to do this alone.

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