Becoming the Powerful Leader you are Meant to Be: Balancing the Visionary With the Producer



Webinar:  Monday, February 8, 2016
8:00 p.m. EST/5:00 p.m. PST
“Strong leadership begins with self-awareness”.
– Fast Company


Cultivating a powerful, authentic leadership style is at the core of creating the life and career you desire.

As women, we are uniquely positioned to lead in our careers, lives, and relationships, and to do that we must carefully manage our time and talent to create maximum success.

Balancing the skills and characteristics of being a visionary and a producer are critical for becoming a powerful leader across all areas of your life, but creating this balance takes understanding and practice.

In this webinar I will share:

  • 4 characteristics of individuals who have mastered the balance of being an extraordinary manager and leader
  • 3 steps to striking your own balance for maximum performance this year
  • A plan to master personal leadership for professional success

You will come away from this webinar with the ability to

  • Blend your instinct with experience, creating your own leadership style that positively influences with fierce and feminine command
  • Hone your own unique leadership skills
  • Enhance your own professional influence
  • Take your leadership skills to the next level

What sets this program apart for women leaders is its focus on our personal journeys and how they positively affect our abilities to take the reins. Combined with a practical approach to developing these skills, find how you…yes you, are a valuable asset and above all, an extraordinary leader.

I hope you will join me then!


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Laura W Campbell

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