Yes, you.

Happy mother’s day beautiful.

I want you to take a few minutes with me to reflect on just how amazing you are.

And if you take care of and nurture another person in any way as a mother, I want you to take an additional minute or two to celebrate what that means.

As a mother I know that it is the most extraordinary and most difficult job in the world.

Being a mother is the most powerful and humbling experience, and one that will challenge us to become the very best of who we are.

So, here’s to you.

Here’s to the endless hours of meal preparation with virtually no recognition or acknowledgement,

To the infinite tears you have shed, whether out of fear, frustration, anger or joy…often in the shower where no one could see or hear you,

To the endless car rides, carpools and shuttling to and from activities, playdates and commitments that only layered one upon the other,

To the hundreds of times you found yourself yelling when you never meant to do that at all, and then felt horribly bad that you didn’t exhibit your best parenting,

To the countless days that you dragged yourself out of bed when you were so incredibly sick that your teeth hurt, but your children needed you so you fought through it,

To the millions of kisses and hugs…the thousands of times you caressed their hair, nuzzled their necks and tried to sneak a little hand holding as they grew…

To the many moments of overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety leading you to doubt if you were doing a good job and whether you were irrevocably damaging the people you love most on the earth,

To the hundreds of times you forgot things, dropped things, broke things and simply fucked up…unintentionally,

To your one beautiful, magnificent, overflowing heart that has been broken wide open with love by these extraordinary beings that are your children

And to the heartbreaks you endured, painfully watching as they learned how to soothe themselves when their hearts broke.

It doesn’t matter how you became a mom…if you love and nurture a child under any circumstance, you have earned that coveted title.

You are incredible,







and Selfless.

You are love in all of its many forms.

Every day is mother’s day when you have children.

There are no breaks, no paid time off, no vacations, and no relief from the worry, focus, fear, pride, and excruciating pain and pleasure that comes from the job.

But I know.

I see it in your eyes…

You are part of a tribe of fierce and fearless mothers who hold the most important leadership position there is…that of raising our next generation of happy, healthy and whole humans.

I am here to tell you that you are doing an extraordinary job.

So if you don’t hear it often enough, let me make sure that you do now…

Thank you.

…for doing all that you do, for there is no more important task.

Take time out today to nurture and celebrate…you deserve it.

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