So, be honest…what is your story?

How has your story held you back? What has it cost you over the years?

Are you ready to write your new story for 2009?

pen & paper

If so, here are the steps to writing your new story. All you will need is a piece of paper, a pen and the ability to be honest with yourself. And, of course, the desire to find happiness and fulfillment.

Step One: Write your old story.

Make sure when you write your old story that you include everything that you have been using to describe where you are and how you got here. As if you were answering the question, “Tell me about yourself?” from a stranger or potential date.

Step Two: Analyze it.

Is this story completely true? Pull out from your story the excuses that you use. How might these excuses have held you back? What has this story cost you? Is this what you want your story to be?

Step Three: Write your new story.

It is time to write your new story. If you are having difficulty with beginning your new story, begin as follows:

All the things that have happened in my life to bring me to now have been a blessing because…..

Step Four: Repeat your new story everyday.

Read your story to yourself everyday at least once. Share your new story with a friend. Share it with the next person who asks you about yourself. Tell it to your family.

Focus on this new story and see what begins to happen. This new year, 2009, you will begin to live life not as a victim, but as an author who is writing the new novel of your life. When you open yourself up to what might be instead of why you have been a victim of the past, your entire world will change.

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