I just updated my website, the most significant being what I wrote for my “About” page. I made the decision to share a little bit about myself in the most authentic way possible, not through a listing of my credentials, accomplishments, education…; and when I did, the first thing that came out was that I never planned to be an “entrepreneur”.

In truth, I never set out to be doing what I now do, and despite that being an entrepreneur is not always comfortable for me, it is the depth of how I feel about you that keeps me committed to it.

So I found myself reflecting on why.

Why you?
Why now?
Why do I really care?

And the reason is not unlike what our parents always told us…the reason is just “because”.

 Because there has never been a time in history like this before.

The landscape for women is shifting dramatically and for the first time in history, we will be creating the new economy:

  • Women will account for more than half of the 9.27 million small business jobs created by 2018
  • Over the next decade, women will control two-thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and will be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth (inheritances from parents and spouses) in our country’s history…estimates range from $12 to $40 trillion

Go ahead, read that again. Let it really sink in.

It is impossible for me to simply talk to you as only mothers, wives, partners, lovers, entrepreneurs or professionals, because you are so much more than that. You are a woman.

A powerful, beautiful, loving, compassionate, brilliant, sensual, creative, spiritual, talented and deeply-committed-to-making-the-world-a-better-place woman; before all of the other roles got layered on top.

As a woman, you hold power that you can’t even imagine.

In your hands you possess the ability to create deeply intimate and connected love in your relationships. It is you, as a fully evolved woman, that man needs to be able to walk fully in his powerful masculine, so that we can all rise to our greatest potential as individuals and together.

In your hands you hold the future of our children. They don’t need cupcakes, over structured, overstimulated schedules or a fully sanitized environment; they need your strength, wisdom, confidence and fierce ownership of who you are as a woman to model for them what it means to shape their own future around their dreams.

In your hands lie the answers to so many of the world’s challenges right now. The power of your feminine will unleash the collective creativity necessary to find innovative solutions to the economic, social and financial obstacles we face today. The pursuit of MORE in your life will open the door to the previously unimaginable.

In your hands you have the power to create peace, harmony, beauty, hope and caring communities in your home, neighborhood, workplace and around the world.

You, darling, are the proof of unlimited possibility. {tweet this}



Yes, you.

But it is going to require that you stand fully in who you are as a woman, maintain a steadfast commitment to staying true to your values, and remain unwavering in your pursuit of what you want.

And I don’t mean just knowing what you want, but owning the courage and confidence (which, by the way, you already possess in abundance…) to go out and get it.

You will need to have the tools, skills and resources to move through the trees so you can see the forest; and walk as the mentor, model and leader that your children, your partner and our future desperately needs.

You will not always be “liked”.
You will definitely feel the threat of loss as you take risks to speak your truth.
You will inevitably make someone uncomfortable and that discomfort will, in turn, be directed at you.
You will likely get hurt along the way.
You will evolve, grow and expand in ways you can’t yet see; and as a result, you will need to let go.

But through it all, you will be walking your talk, living life on your terms and making your relationship with your true love, your children, your work and the world far more extraordinary than you can possibly imagine.

You are fierce and feminine.
You are resilient.
You are powerful beyond measure.
And that is why.

We are in this together, we are not meant to do it alone.

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