2015 is going to be a HUGE year of transition for me.

It is going to include the move to a new state, becoming an empty nester, facilitating Desire Map workshops all across the country, introducing the Ten Power Principles for Fierce and Feminine Leadership and beginning a new and next chapter of life and love with my man.

laurawcTo be honest, I fluctuate between overwhelming excitement and overwhelming fear. And then I remember all that I learned as I completed Tony Robbin’s Mastery University:

For ten years I have moved through my own new and next chapters. I have seen and done it all.

I have experienced divorce,

extreme financial upheaval,

the loss of a job (in fact more than one!),

the turbulence of dating and searching for new love,

the sadness of being alone,

the overwhelm of single parenting,

the challenges of starting my own business,

and the many (and I mean many!) unforeseen and unexpected obstacles that have been thrown in my path.

And yet…

All together they have all held the key to unlocking the life, love and business I only imagined was possible.

Now, in looking back and pulling out exactly how I have creating everything I always wanted, I have finally developed the system for how to merge desire, power, and bold strategic action and am ready to teach you the concrete tools for making it all happen in YOUR life, love and business.

Real women, real lives.

You and me, this is who we are. Real women managing real lives.

Real lives that include needing to balance our roles as wife, partner, mother, sister, daughter, professional, and most important, happy, healthy and whole women. We fiercely seek balance when in reality, there is no such thing. Instead, underneath it all is a deep desire to feel good in all of these roles; in our friendships, intimate loving partnerships, relationship with our children, jobs, bodies, and pursuit of intellectual, spiritual and emotional fulfillment.

So, how do you find this thing called “balance” and experience joy, laughter and sexy, juicy fun at the same time?

As I introduce you to the Ten Power Principles of Fierce and Feminine Resilience, (which begins by giving yourself permission to want everything you desire), you will find that it all starts with anchoring yourself in habits, activities and experiences that feel good.

As I enter this year of massive transition, this is where I, too, will begin.

Most of you have heard me talk about my beloved Tuff Girl Fitness; here I am with some of the amazing, gorgeous women I work out with!tuffgirl

Regardless of my mood, exhaustion level, or crazy overly committed schedule, I ground myself each week by taking 3 – 4 Tuff Girls classes. Trust me, there are days when it isn’t easy getting my ass to class!

Every Saturday I get up to take the 7:30 class, where I am always greeted by almost 30 men & women ready to rock out the morning!

Last Saturday, during the 8 minute straight metabolic finisher to the class (16 rounds of 20 second extremely high intensity metabolic moves with no break!), Christa Vancini Doran got on her knees, looked me straight in the eye when I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to finish the set, and shouted with strength and conviction, “you can do this…you are stronger than these last twenty seconds!!”

And with her voice ringing in my ears, I simply just kept going, knowing with confidence that I could.

Your life, my love, is no different.

You can do this…you are stronger than any challenge you face now or in the future. In fact, you can keep going with courage and confidence…walking (or preferably running!) boldly forward towards what you really want.

tuffgirl2I get myself to class because I need Christa to remind me and to anchor me, my life and my health when I feel most depleted and vulnerable.

As you face your own transitions and challenges, make sure you have the support you need to move through this time and make 2015 everything you truly desire. You deserve it and are so worth it!






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