When opportunity knocks, what do you do?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently.

For many years I was unprepared for opportunity. In fact, not only was I unprepared, I didn’t even open myself up to it.

As I have moved through different ages, stages and challenges of my life, I have often wondered what might be different if I had been open to and ready for the different opportunities that presented themselves to me over the years.



It is hard to reflect back and realize that for so many years I was scared; scared that I would fail, that I wouldn’t perform.

Scared that opportunity would change me and my life, and that I wouldn’t be able to manage the change.

Scared that taking advantage of an opportunity would risk losing a part of me or my life.

I was afraid; afraid that taking a chance would lead me to discomfort and uncertainty, and all I desperately wanted was the certainty of knowing what the path of my life would look like.

I was unsure; unsure of whether or not I had the ability, skills, talent and intellect to not “waste” the opportunity presenting itself.

And so I let them all pass me by. Some were conscious choices to play it safe, others I never even saw. When we live in fear of what “might” happen, we often don’t see the many opportunities that come our way, each and every day.

But I learned.

With every challenge in my life, I became more comfortable with discomfort.

With each new age, stage and chapter, I learned how to navigate uncertainty.

And the stronger and more self-sufficient I became, the easier it became to see, consider and grab onto opportunities that showed up.

I was no longer so scared.

The risks no longer felt so great.

I no longer saw the threat of loss, but rather the potential and possibilities.

With every opportunity came success, and with success came confidence.

Life became more fun.

Success is when preparation meets opportunity.

So, when opportunity knocks, will you be ready?

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