Divorce is a journey. And it is a new beginning for you.

And for each of us, the journey is unique.

Yet there are aspects of the journey which are the same for all of us. We all go through periods of anger, grief and sadness. We all have to take stock of our finances. For those of us with children, we all have to help them in the best way possible. And, we all have to create a new life for ourselves in the process.

Through my practice, I look forward to working with clients to help them move forward, begin their journey of self-discovery and create the life they desire.

When you are a client in a coaching relationship you can expect the following. Each week, we will take steps to achieve the goals you set for yourself. As we work together, I will support you to be more successful, focused and strong. You will also begin to see wonderful, thrilling changes occur within yourself. Through our partnership, you will become the champion of your own destiny.


A successful coaching relationship requires you to

  • Commit to creating the life you are meant to lead.
  • Be responsible for the results of your coaching experience.
  • Commit to the coaching sessions and take action each week.
  • Be honest with yourself, and your coach, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  • Open yourself up to new opportunities and possibilities.

A successful coaching relationship requires your coach, to

  • Support and encourage your visions, dreams and goals.
  • Provide a structure that supports you in making conscious choices.
  • Ask you to reach beyond your present limitations and move forward from your present state to your ideal one.
  • Be an objective listener.
  • Tell the truth: give you straight feedback.
  • Encourage you to look at yourself, your life and your choices differently.
  • Challenge you to rediscover who you are and what you want your life to look like.

How a coaching relationship will best work:

Coaching works when there are two factors present:

  1. The client is willing to grow and take action.
  2. A gap exists between where they are now and where they want to be.

coaching works

These ideal factors enable us to collaborate in a relationship that provides clarity, identifies obstacles and facilitates useful solutions.

With a coach, you will take bold and empowering steps.

You will experience forward movement because you set the goals you really want to achieve. The first task together is identifying exactly what you desire for yourself. Your coach will help you to distinguish between what you have and what you passionately want for yourself in your heart of hearts. Once you create your ideal goals, it is natural for you to take steps to reach them on a consistent basis.

Simple, simpler, simplest.

This is my mantra. Your coach will help you clear your head of the mental clutter and create clarity around your priorities. When you have a partner you trust, that person will always challenge you to reach deeper within yourself to make strides. That is exactly what your coach will be to you.

Make better decisions for yourself.

You will never leave asking the question, “What do I do next?”
Your focus will always be clear. Every single client is smart, perceptive and talented, but not always focused. You will identify your challenges, desires and dreams with someone who understands you and is subjective enough to want you to be your best, yet objective enough not to be biased or self-serving.

A Divorce Coach will support you to create the life you both imagine and deserve….as I have said many times.

They do not have the magic answer, but rather will help you to break old patterns of behavior and self sabotage, while at the same time supporting you to create a new blueprint from which to live your life.

I hope you will consider a complimentary session to see how coaching can support you.

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