I learned something this week. Or rather, I finally admitted something to myself.

It feels vulnerable sharing this with you, but if you know me at all, I believe in speaking only the raw and real truth of life and career.

For those of you who showed up and attended one of the webinars I did over the past two weeks, thank you…it always gives me pleasure to share things with you that I know will support you to create what you want.

However, the truth…one that I haven’t admitted until now, is that I don’t like doing these webinars at all….and I am not going to do them anymore.

I don’t care for talking at you…even if it is to share with you.

I don’t care for “selling” you on a program or service, it isn’t important to me.

And I don’t care for presenting myself as anything other than being of service to you, because the other truth is that my business started out as and continues to be a labor of love for you, me and all women…not as a means for creating professional “success”.

So, here’s the whole truth.

I am not what you think…or perhaps the story that you may have made up about me.

I am a woman, like you, that has had a turbulent journey, and has been putting one foot in front of the other every day (good and bad) in as graceful, intentional way as possible.

And every lesson I learn, every strategy I employ and every skill I master, I have committed to sharing with you.

Here’s my dirty little secret.

While I am incredibly confident as a woman, for most of my career I have felt “less than”.

I have a pretty powerful resume, for the past 25 years I have built a career in non-profit fundraising & management and in recent years hold the title of Executive Director of a leadership development program. Not to mention the “pedigree” of education that I hold.

When I started my business 8 years ago, it was because after my divorce, I couldn’t find the kind of support that I felt was tactical, strategic and action oriented enough to help me take empowered and frightening steps to create my new and next chapter.

So I made a promise to myself that I would become the kind of support that I wish I could have had. It was a labor of love for all women who find themselves navigating the turbulence of real life.

I have built my business on top of a full time “day job” all of these years, because as a single mother I needed financial stability, but I also wanted to continue doing what I love, supporting women, from a place of generosity, not scarcity. Making money and becoming “successful”, were never my goals.

I am highly driven and have continued to learn, grow, expand and build a career and business that are exciting and impactful. I have a solid reputation in both and have had a significant impact on the organizations I serve and clients I mentor.

But, I am not in a corner office (yet) nor is my business 6 or 7 figures.  

Along the way I have had opportunities, but they would have taken me away from the 50% custody arrangement I had of my kids, and the ability to find my own version of “balance” in my life. So, I let those opportunities go.

But through the hard inner work, I stayed grounded to trusting myself…and the journey.

The truth is, for many years I felt shame about not having the 7 figure income, the corner office or the title. I wondered why and how someone with the kind of education, experience, training and expertise that I have, has not accomplished those things.

But, a few years ago, I got down to the bottom of it, and realized that not having the title, salary, number of clients or a corner office did not make me any less brilliant, proficient, or successful. In fact, having quietly walked my talk for so long has resulted in the following:

  • I have built an incredible network of amazing people; clients, colleagues, mentors, coaches, and so many others…all who I can call upon when I need support, wisdom or guidance.
  • I have let go of what I don’t want to make room for what I do. There is no way around this simple truth, the fastest way to get what you want is to let go of what you don’t. And it was really hard to do.
  • At each and every stage I have used the toolbox of resources I have created and have mastered resilient leadership in my personal life…and it has worked. This is why I am passionate about sharing it with you.
  • I have remained fiercely committed to moving through my life and career with honor, integrity, intention and grace…my “why” has always been my children and modeling what I hope they learn in the world. And they are simply amazing, as is my relationship with each of them.

And because of these results, I have reached the moment in my life where I am ready for what comes next; including the title, salary, corner office, responsibility, time commitment and all of the challenges that will allow me to do my very best work in the world.

I no longer feel ashamed.

I am brilliant, kind, compassionate, honest, honorable, fiercely strong, resilient and feminine.

More than anything else, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and I am ready.

And so are you.

So, that’s the truth.

We are in this together.

I want nothing more than for you to live your life to its fullest potential and create a life and career that fulfills you in every way.

To that end, I am here for you.

You can schedule a time to have a complimentary consultation with me, I am always eager to hear where you’re at and what your raw and real desires are. If I believe I can be supportive to you in a meaningful and impactful way, I will offer opportunities to do so. But only if we are a good fit and I believe I can make a difference.

As well, I designed my new program for women who want to take powerful steps (even though they are scary, uncomfortable and uncertain) to get what they want. The curriculum is grounded in resources and strategies that work in real life and honor all of the many roles that demand your attention and are important to you. You can find out more about it here:

So, that’s it.

No bullshit. No ulterior motive.

We are in this together…and I am here for you.

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