So…what do you want?

Do you know what you really want? You “say” you do, but do you REALLY know?

And if you do know, are you ready to face your fear and do it anyway? To make it happen?

You can make all the excuses you want…but the knowledge, power and tools to get EVERYTHING you want are already within you! IMAGINE THAT!

Imagine That

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

1. What do you spend your time doing and focusing on that does not serve you or move you towards what you want?

2. Are there things that you fear or don’t want to experience but you often find yourself thinking about anyway and more than you should? How much time do you spend thinking about the things you DON’T want?

3. What activities do you do on a regular basis that you really don’t have to? Things that you don’t have a sense of real purpose about and that don’t give you an outcome or result that you want and yet you find yourself doing anyway?

If you have answered these questions honestly, then I predict that a significant portion of your time, and probably your dollars, are spent on doing things that:

• don’t move you towards what you REALLY want

• are a result of “excuses” to avoid FEAR of doing those things that will move you closer to your desires

• fill you with a “temporary” pleasure that ultimately leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled and farther away from what you want

• do not reflect those things that matter most to you and that you are PASSIONATE about…that have MEANING to them

Am I right?

I am not happy to be right, but my guess is that the largest percentage of your time and resources are spent on those things that do not and will not get you to your new and extraordinary life!

There are many reasons for this…some that you may know and many that deserve exploration.

When you are REALLY ready to align your time, resources and mindset with what you KNOW you want…then you will find it will all come flooding through the door!

And I am here to support you to finding this alignment!

Here is just one exercise that you can do get the juices flowing and give you some clarity around what you really, truly DO want!

Complete the following sentence no less than 10 times to reflect what you believe you WANT in your new life:

When my life is ideal, I am…

When you are done, you should have a list of the approximately 10 most things that REALLY MATTER to you…that you identify as giving you passion and fulfillment.

Take your time and be honest!

Once you complete this, you will be ready to begin the work that is necessary to align your focus, time and resources on CREATING a life that fulfills you!

As I always say…you are not alone and are not meant to do it alone! Whether it is me, a therapist or another source of support…create your own “team” to help you get to where you want to go!

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