So, here’s the deal. It’s YOUR life!

I really got to thinking today about how much allow our focus to move around…many times to every and anything that is NOT what we truly need to be focused on.

For just one little second, a young woman took her “eyes off the road” and landed herself in a car accident. She is fine. She will continue to move forward in her life and leave for college this fall, but she has been set back emotionally, financially and with respect to her confidence as a driver.

Keep your eyes on the road

Do you keep your “eyes on YOUR road”?

Whether you are considering a separation, in the middle of a divorce or moving forward after your divorce, you MUST keep your eyes on the road. What road? YOUR road!

Think of it this way. You are in line to meet your favorite author who is doing a book signing. The line is long, but you are really excited and have been waiting for this opportunity.

As you wait, you begin to get bored. Your attention is caught by a new book, on the sales table…a book that you have been wanting to read for a long time! You step out of the line to go take a look…you figure, what’s the big deal, you will simply hop back in line…after all, there are not that many people behind you.

You browse through the book and realize that it not really something that you are interested in so you go to the end of the line and continue waiting. Just as you are getting close, at about the spot where you had been standing earlier, they make an announcement that the book signing has concluded and that your FAVORITE author has to leave to make it to another book signing!

You can’t believe it…why did you step out of the line!!! How could you have been so stupid to leave the line…for a book that you could have looked at on the way out!

So, what happened here? You took your eye OFF the road! Your attention and focus was drawn away from what you really wanted and you have suffered UNINTENTIONAL consequences! You never dreamed that this one little move would prevent you from getting what you really want!

Step out of line

We do it all the time.

We get bored.
We get frustrated.
We want instantaneous gratification.
We don’t like to be waiting.
We don’t like long lines.
We are impatient!

And as we feel these things, we allow our eyes to leave OUR road! We lose our focus and sometimes, accidents happen!

You will recover from most accidents…but there are almost always unintended consequences. You don’t know what those consequences are until they happen, but they are usually ones that cause us to suffer emotionally, financially and threaten our esteem and confidence.

The journey of divorce will be different for each of us. In creating your new life, you will need to focus on YOUR own personal road. The road to creating the life you imagine and deserve.


If you are struggling to find your road or having trouble keeping your eyes on it, get support. Don’t lose the opportunity to meet your FAVORITE author! Stay the course and your WILL GET what you desire!

I am here for you!

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