When’s the last time you were turned on?

The sweaty palms, flushed cheeks and heavy breathing kind of turned on.

We all crave it. You crave it…whether you realize it or not.

So what’s your plan for turning on being “turned on”?

What?! No plan? {gasp}

Girlfriend, that has got to change.

passionWe crave to be turned on; in our lives, our work, and our relationships. It is how we welcome spontaneity, exhilaration, intrigue and adrenaline into our life and keep our blood flowing strong.

There is nothing like the feel of butterflies in our stomach, weak knees and a racing heart; it reminds us that we are alive.

But being turned on always begins with the way you feel about yourself and grows from there into your expression of love, energy and passion in your life and relationships.

I love to be turned on and I seek opportunities and experiences that do exactly that.

I push myself intellectually;




and in every other way.  It is how I allow myself to feel fully alive.

As valentine’s day is just a few days away, let’s talk about turning on “turned on” in your love life.

Whether you are married, in a relationship, dating or enjoying the gorgeous freedom of being single, filling ourselves up with love, sensuality, and sexual desire is part of our life.

When is the last time you allowed yourself to feel turned on?Untitled

How many of you have read Fifty Shades of Grey?

Before you make any comments about it not being a literary masterpiece, understand that it was never intended to compete with Shakespeare. It is an erotic novel series and one that was a Turning On masterpiece in my opinion. In fact, when I read the trilogy I was on vacation, and there was not a woman on the beach who wasn’t reading one of the Fifty Shades series.

Remember, we all crave it.

We crave to feel desire and the unapologetic pursuit to feel good in our romantic, intimate love life.

The raw & real truth is that it is our responsibility and our responsibility alone to go out and turn ourselves on. If you want crazy, erotic passion in your relationship, go ahead and unleash the truth of what you really want…seek out what turns you on and just do it.

Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

Pleasure yourself the way you want to be pleasured.

Create an opportunity to be turned on.

Drop subtle, and not so subtle hints about what you want.

Remember, you are a gorgeous, sexy and vibrant woman and show her off each and every day. You are an adult and can do whatever you want as long as you are healthy, safe and deliberately choose it.

Let it out love.

Your desire.

Your lust and passion.

Your sensual, erotic and deeply feminine soul.

Step out of your comfort zone and claim the turned on life and love you deserve.


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