From Etsy Store BeesInBowties

From Etsy Store BeesInBowties

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

When was the last time you were unabashedly, authentically, unapologetically you?

A time when you said exactly what was on your mind, from a place of being beautifully you.  Not because you were provoked into defending yourself or felt pressured into saying what someone else wanted to hear, but rather felt comfortable and confident in sharing the truest of your feelings.

A time when you acted on the call of your desire.  When you felt your passion soar and decided to do something about it.

When is the last time you felt the heat of attraction and allowed yourself to play with your growing sensuality; creating a romantic and intoxicating experience with your spouse or lover?

A time when you indulged your desire for being turned on and gave yourself full permission to enjoy and savor every passionate moment.

When is the last time you allowed your body to move to the sound of your favorite music; letting go of your inhibition and instead dancing as if no one were watching.

When is the last time you said NO to being asked to do something that in your heart you didn’t truly want to do.  Not because it wasn’t interesting or important, but because you just wanted to do something else instead….or maybe nothing at all.

A time when you felt too tired, too overwhelmed, too uninspired and too over-committed to want to add one more thing to your plate; but you did it anyway because you didn’t want to disappoint someone by opting out.

If you can’t remember the last time, then your time is now.

You are not always going to be everybody’s favorite flavor.  And that’s okay.

You are a unique, beautiful, powerful and magnetic woman; a flavor desired by so many.

But you won’t be for everyone.

However, you will be exactly the right flavor for those who are meant to be in your life.

You are at your most beautiful when you are being uniquely, unapologetically YOU in every way. {Click to Tweet This!} 

As you begin to own and embrace exactly who you are, there will probably be those who opt out of your journey.

Opt out of a relationship with you.

Opt out of inviting you somewhere.

Opt out of including you.

And at that same time, you will attract more of exactly what you want; relationships, experiences, passion, joy and ultimate freedom.

Those that opt out were never meant to be in your life to begin with, and you have probably twisted, contorted and bent yourself into a pretzel to be what they wanted you to be.

My darling, I know how simply exhausting that must be.

You don’t need a reason or excuse to embrace the wild, passionate, playful, silly, smart, sophisticated, opinionated, strong, affectionate and even unpredictable women that you are.

Image by Robert Sturman

Image by Robert Sturmanwoman that you are.

Those who love you want you to be unabashedly youeven though you may think otherwise.

When you unleash the magnificence of who you really are, you invite everyone around you to do the same. {Click to Tweet This!}

You may not know exactly how to let the wild child, badass, good girl, and impractically practical girl out in the life that you have created.

But she yearns to be set free.

Your time is now.

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