9a5613e1dfdc8bb2b63281ed4f8c4fcaWho was it that told you that your happiness wasn’t a good enough reason?

When did you start believing that you couldn’t do itcouldn’t have it?

Perhaps you unconsciously set a finish line for yourself¦a moment when you thought you had it all; a moment when you stopped creating a new vision of your juicy, fun and fabulous future.  It would have been a time that you convinced yourself that you had all that you desired and therefore was not entitled to more.  What was it for you?

Walking down the aisle and finally getting married?

Reaching a certain salary level?

Buying a house?  Having your children?

I was that woman.  Somewhere along the way I reached a moment in my life when I began to believe that I no longer deserved, no longer had the right, and no longer had what it takes to be the woman and have the life that I silently wished I could have.

Well, I now call bullshit on that!

I absolutely deserve it.

I continue to have every right.

I have everything it takes to make it all happen.

And so do you darling.

When did you stop believing? {tweet this}

Recently, one of my amazing clients told me, through her tears, that she desperately wants to be the woman she knows she is meant to be; and she is simply exhausted from not making it happen.  Here, in her words, is the incredibly brave and bold journey that resulted as she made THE decision:

I described to you that I couldn’t decide what was true for me.  This other inner version of myself that seems so elusive (wondering) was this just a fantasy, not real, not possible for me; and that I’d simply ruined my life for a daydream.

¦so much doubt and struggle.  Literally like a battle in my own mind to stay small and afraid or to fully awaken.  It’s been exhausting.

So, you said to me, What if you decided that you are supposed to be exactly what you want to be.  Decide and relax into your own knowing of how you want to show up in your life.

 I have thought long and hard about this.  What if I just decide?   I can see this pattern where I’ve surged forward and started to emerge.  And, then I’ve retreated.  Maybe just out of fear, but sometimes because I’ve been hurt or disappointed or uncertain.  It seemed easier to go backwards.  But, I know that this retreating and staying safe does not fulfill me.  It keeps me in turmoil and divided in every sense¦physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.  I need to emerge.  I can’t live this cycle any more.

 I’ve decided to do it.  To become that woman.  And, it’s what has to happen; it’s what is meant to happen.  So, I’m really ready now.  I’ve decided to let go and live in a different way.

I’ve decided to do it.  {tweet this}

What a powerful statement from an incredibly powerful and beautiful woman.

This same client referred me to a wonderful book, How the Light Gets In by a woman named Pat Schneider and a quote that resonated for both of us.

¦There.  That is the fear.  How can we be reborn, unless the person we have been dies?  The person we have been is the only person we know for sure, and that person is afraid to die.  ¦and we do cling to our suffering, because it’s what we know.  It’s familiar.  It’s the house the soul has inhabited, and if that house burns, if that habitation falls to ashes, the soul wanders, homeless, until it can take up residence in a new self that rises from the ashes, no longer defined by the old pain.”

Being is an active choice, not a passive circumstance. {tweet this}

When you avoid making THE decision and instead, find yourself explaining why what you want is not possible, can’t be done, or isn’t going to happen; you are really telling the universe, and anyone else who56286e4db2704568306b836a75979e98 will listen, that you aren’t really ready for what you want.

But I know you are.

I know you are afraid, and for good reason.  You will be saying goodbye to the piece of you that create excuses.  The parts of you that work hard to convince you that your happiness isn’t worth it.

But it is okay to let go; because it is time to decide; decide to be that woman.

She is amazing.

She is capable.

She can do anything she wants and can have everything she wants.

She is you.

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