0b785911ea52ad1506541580dec09420When is the last time you really let someone look into your eyes.

Your big, beautiful eyes.

The eyes expose your soul; that hold your truthor hide it.

I want you to look into my eyes, I want to see you.

I am meant to hold your gaze….to bring you back to the woman you are meant to be.

I want to see you when you feel scared, lonely, sad or overwhelmed. When you think you have lost sight of who you really are.

Yours are the eyes that view the world through the lens of a…









Your eyes hold your truth but often these lens become barriers to unleashing that truth.

You cherish these roles and want desperately and passionately to be the best that you can be in each of them. But in doing so, you have given up just a little piece of who you are.

You didn’t mean to. You didn’t even realize it was happening.

And now you find yourself struggling to be who you really are when everyone around you believes you are something else.

You want to reclaim the amazing woman that you are. You are so much more than they all imagine. You have work to do, people to see, things to say and magic to create. You are powerful and strong¦and are tired of the lackluster life you’ve been living.

You’re bored, uninspired, shut down and afraid. It has been so long, you aren’t even sure where to begin.

But Your eyes say it all.

It is why they look away.

It is why they fill with tears.

It is why they close in painor widen with fear.

They narrow when you smile and look up when you laugh.

They are your window to the worldboth inside and out.

How could you forget, you are a beautiful child of God¦you are powerful beyond measure.

I want you to know the truth…the truth about transition.1a859b08e3387ea516f877ef209ed28a

…it won’t be easy

…there are those that will not like it and some that may not join you on the road ahead

…waiting won’t make it go away.

But darling, there is no greater reason than you and your joy and peace.

Your eyes say it all.

Open themdon’t be afraid. They reflect your infinite power and courage.

Look at me, because I love you. Let me see you, because you are extraordinary.

You can do this¦I have your back.

Just tell me, what do you need?

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