breakingupYou’ve all been a little too quiet for comfort, and you have me a bit worried.  Is it because you aren’t out there reading this?  Or is it because it is simply easier to just move along the way things are than it is to take inventory of your life and breakup with mediocrity?

What is it?

What would it take to get you not only to choose just one thing in your life to break through, but to take action to actually do it?

I know the past couple of weeks have been scattered, full of fun and overwhelm, and that you and most everyone I know have been managing transition in one way or another.  Summer is ending, school is starting, empty nesters are returning home to houses with no children, relationships are ending, new love is blooming and we are all beginning to look at what the balance of 2014 will bring.

Gorgeous, you do know what the definition of insanity is, don’t you?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

My son leaves for his second year of college tomorrow, but he has transferred to a new school, so it will begin a new chapter for him.  In fact, it is an even more profound new chapter because he will be, for the first time ever, without the comradery of a basketball team.  He played college basketball last year and while he had an amazing experience as a college athlete, he chose to pursue a more rigorous academic path this year and let go of the competitive athletic track.

He also is coming out of a long-term relationship; an ending that was not his choice but one that will allow both of them the opportunity to grow as young adults.

He is no longer grounded by a relationship or by an athletic discipline (one that he has lived with more than ten years), and while he is excited, I can also see that he is balancing a mixture of fear, curiosity, anticipation and the discomfort of uncertainty.

Sound familiar?

These are emotions that we all feel when something that has grounded us changes and the beginning of a new chapter presents itself.

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My words of wisdom to him have been short and simple.   Be a YES man.

Say yes to everything.

Say yes when you are asked to do something with a new friend.

Say yes when you are invited to go to a party.

Say yes when an opportunity to try something new presents itself.

Say yes to every new person, new experience and new adventure that comes your way.

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When we go through times of transition, adversity and challenge, it is common to retreat and isolate ourselves from the big bad world.  But here’s the thing; that big bad world, is also the beautiful wide universe of possibility.  It offers us new ideas, new relationships, and new experiences from which we will gain a change of focus, attention and perspective.  And it is with this change of focus, attention and perspective that we are able to move forward towards creating the live we truly desire.

Say yes beautiful.  Be a YES woman.

Just one thing.

What will it take? What will it take for you to choose just one thing and take action to get it, try it, and break through it?

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