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My goals this year both personally and professionally include serving you and all women in a bigger, bolder and more powerful way.

I want to know you more deeply and intimately than I ever have.

Spending time with women in all kinds of environments and under all kinds of circumstances is one of the ways that I want to do this.  I want to know what excites you, what frightens, what challenges you and what makes you giddy with joy!

This past Saturday I took myself into NYC to attend Meggan Watterson’s REVEAL Event: The Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked.  I went because a number of women I love (both colleagues and friends) were going to be either speaking or attending, and I thought it would be a great way for me to be surrounded by women all finding the voice of their soul and celebrating their feminine.

It was amazing.

I loved seeing the women I know and talking to women I have never met.  The day was filled with revealing our truth, finding our soul voices and connecting to our bodies in a deeper and more powerful way.  An added benefit was that I discovered Qoya, my new favorite form of exercise and dance, and shared a special day with so many beautiful women.

But… ¦

during the day, my small, weak inner voice kept trying to speak to meand it was saying, do you really belong here?

As I listened to each of the women speak, I was struck by the seemingly profound way that they each found their soul voice.  They spoke of experiencing divine and mystical moments in their lives when they were guided by their soul voice; moments when they knew they were awakened by something far bigger than themselves and were delivered a clear message of what they were meant to be and do.

Each of them was gorgeous, inspiring and franklyyounger than I.  They shared stories of new love, young children and childbirth; the magnificence of creating magical lives.  They effused fresh, new and innocence in so many ways.

Since then I have been reflecting on my own lifemy own experience of waking up to what my truth is.

My wakeup was not quite as dramatic, mystical or divine.  In fact, it was a slow, confusing and unclear period of time in my life.

I am older now.  I have been there, done that, and in some ways, while listening to these beauties, I felt like perhaps I had missed the boat on fully actualizing my twenties and thirties.

And I began to understand my insecure, inner voice and what it was trying to process.  It was me wondering if my wakeup story is as importantas powerful as these beautiful women; of whether or not my soul voice is as empowered and strong as theirs.

It was me wondering what magical future, I would have had if I had found my voice of truth a decade (or two) earlier.

My soul voice was not discovered on a pilgrimage to India or a trip to Machu Picchu. I didn’t uncover my truth through a near death experience or having to hit rock bottom.

I found both when the pain of staying where I was became greater than the uncertainty of my future.  And both are as powerful and magical today as if I had found them in my earlier years.

I found my truth when I had two kids, a home in Connecticut and was living a seemingly ordinary life.  Trust me, there was no exotic, divine moment for me. My soul spoke to me when I needed it to, and I was ready to listen.  I am exactly where I am supposed to beand so are you.

My soul voice emerged the day I told myself that enough was enoughthat I no longer wanted to feel the shadow of mediocrity in my life; and when I chose to use every ounce of my courage and strength to speak it out loud for the first time.  

The voice of our soul lives in each one of us.  There is no right time, right place or right way to set it free.

Whatever is going on in your life and however you may have lost sight of who you are, your soul voice is there waiting and wanting to be set free.  It is your truth waiting to be unleashed upon the world so that it can guide you towards what you desire.

Like me, you don’t need to eat, pray and love yourself to an awakening, nor do you have to find an Ashram to visit as you quest for answers.  Instead, you have to give yourself the gift of quiet so that you can hear it when it is talking to you.

Your soul and truth are always talking to you, the question is, are you listening?

I belong here.

You belong here.

You have an incredible message and gift to share with the world and I am here to help unleash your truth; and learn to live and love with courage.

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