ad7b22c6ac3729ab9208da50bddb6fa4Holidays and holiday weekends can be a tricky thing.

My beautiful, messy and sometimes complicated life involves a boyfriend, parents, my two children, two step children, and a whole bunch of wonderful friends.  Each one of the members of my framily has a different idea of fun and only they know what the truth of what truly makes them happy is.

Holidays and most weekends for that matter, provide a wealth of opportunity to enjoy ourselves.  There are social plans, fitness, adventure, relaxation, home projects, errands and an abundance of activities that are readily available.

So what happens when you know in your heart exactly how you want to spend your time and with whom, and your partner, friends and family have a different plan in mind?

While one wants a day at the beach, others want to party all night.  BBQ invitations keep coming but the idea of a quiet night at home watching a movie is your partner’s ideal evening.

Do you twist yourself into a pretzel trying to accommodate the desires of everyone around you?

Do you over-commit yourself and have to back out of plans when you realize you simply can’t do it all?

Or have you become so frustrated by always working to make everyone happy that you assert yourself as something of a crazy dictator?

It’s okayyou can admit it.

You are not alone in navigating the turbulent waters of doing what you love and loving what you’re doing. In fact, over this past weekend I was reminded just how challenging it can be to know what you want but be faced with the different desires of those around you.  To be or not to be socially active, the life of the party or the intimate relaxed girl at home.

The good news is, there is a way to do it so that you can honor how you feel, what you want and the desires of those you love.

When is the last time that you opened the door to a conversation with your friends and family where you could share openly and honestly what you want and what you don’t, graciously accepting and declining opportunities according to your truest desires?

I know, I knowyou don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and you don’t want to be a bitchbut, you also really want to spend your time the way you want; after all, your time is so precious and limited.

So here’s the deal… While you are responsible to speak your truth in an honest, kind and compassionate way, you are not responsible for the joy and happiness of others.

Walking fully in who you truly are and what you truly want is a dance between expansion and letting go. {Tweet This}


Sometimes it will feel right to adapt and enjoy what feels good for the ones you love, and other times it will be right to gently and safely let go of what you think you are supposed to do so that you can enjoy the time and life that you are living, allowing those around you to be responsible for choosing how they want to nurture their own desires.

It just takes practice. And as I learned (again) this weekend, you will make mistakes, you will unintentionally upset someone and you will find yourself dancing to your own music as you move closer and closer to living your life around the truth of how you want to feel.

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