f38f0beb55c8ff85ba6267767e33eddbIn one year from now my youngest child leaves for college and I will find myself with a new door open for creating my new and next chapter.

As I look towards the freedom to begin my next chapter wherever and in whatever way I want, I realize that much as I did in high school, I feel a bit like a social outlier.


My life has been a crazy cocktail of suburban mommyhood, hippie chick, personal growth junkie, empowered feminine goddess, sexy mama, and sports lovin‘ redneck.  So again I sit with eager anticipation, open to where I  will now belong and how I will find a posse of spectacular women that I can share this crazy new chapter with?

You find them everywhere; women who intrigue & interest you. But how do you invite them into the gorgeous chaos of your life? {tweet this}

Since my divorce ten years ago I have been rediscovering and reconnecting to the deepest truth of who I am.  It has been an incredible journey but at the same time, one that has challenged me to discover and embrace that who I am is a beautiful collage of interests, passions, curiosities, and desires; and I want to honor and indulge in each and every one of them.

I am the responsible mother of two who attends sporting events & parent meetings, cleans the house, cooks the meals, gets the laundry done and makes sure that my children are supported and nurtured around the values I hold dear.

I am a suburban homeowner managing well water, a septic system, landscaping, rising oil prices, and a constant worry that I am going to lose money when I decide to sell my house.

I am the loving girlfriend of a man I adore, making sure to prioritize spending time together so that we can co-create an extraordinary partnership upon which we can build our life and future.  A man whose masculinity matches my powerful feminine, but is different than me in so many ways and challenges me to walk my talk.

I am also a budding hippie chick who dreams of organic gardening, growing a deeper and richer spiritual practice and exploring and unleashing my sexuality and femininity in an entirely new way.

I am a football watching, wing eating and beer drinking gal who hates to leave the comfort of my couch on Sunday afternoons during the fall and winter months.

I am a lifelong learner and personal growth junkie who believes in the power of what is possible and knows that the quality of my relationships and therefore the quality of my life depends on the never ending commitment to doing the work of growing, evolving and expanding as a woman and person.  I long for and crave learning new principles for living around the deepest truth of who I am and what I desire.

I love my time alone for dreaming, reflecting and sitting in quiet in the same way that I love my time for happy hours with friends, dancing with a tribe of amazing women and connecting with others in a deep and profound way.  I am a colorful combination of yin and yang.

Perhaps you are like me and are moving along a journey of discovering and embracing the many beautiful parts of who you are?  And if you haven’t yet let them all out, I call upon you to do so now!

I hear from so many of the clients that work with that their transitions and the creation of next chapters are filled with the dance of getting to know all of the pieces of you that yearn to be released; and that this dance can feel lonely and isolating at times.

It can also be scary to feel as though you have to commit to or label yourself as any one kind of woman, because you don’t have to.

Darling, you are free to be all that you are and all that you desire. {tweet this}7901e18bfc61db8143cbc3b16b44d374


We are stronger together.  You may not know them, but there are many communities of women who are on a similar journey and are seeking to know women just like you¦and me.

Women who want to surround themselves with others who support, nurture, accept, embrace and inspire each other to live and love to their fullest potential.

You are that woman.

I am that woman.

You are not alone.

But it is time for us to come out from behind the curtain of fear;  and let go of the worry that we won’t be liked, embraced or included in friendships or social circles that are new to us.


In a time of technology and the new virtual friendship, we are all left craving a deeper, more profound and personal way of connecting to each other.

Take time to not only reach out your hand to a woman that intrigues you; but also to accept and receive a hand that has been extended to you, for they are only one more person for you to share the journey with.


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