60 days.

60 days can change your life.

In 60 days you can change your body.

you can find a new job.

you can write a book.

you can go on a lot of dates.

you can fall in love.

It is amazing what you can do in 60 days.

So, what would you do with 60 days if you weren’t afraid?  If you weren’t making excuses? If you weren’t putting “it” off?

stop waiting

You have 60 days beginning right now.

I have watched more women put off what they really want as they wait for the “right” time to go after it.  They wait until “later”…until they are “ready”.

I get it.

The holidays are around the corner and you are already overwhelmed.

You simply don’t have the time to get to the gym, meal prep for healthy eating or focus on what you need…your kids, husband, boyfriend, parents, sister, friends and job need too much of you right now.

After the New Year things will calm down and you will begin to focus on YOU again.

Money is tight; there are holiday gifts to buy and family celebrations to prepare for, now is not the time to spend on something frivolous and selfish like what you really want.

Yep, I get it, because these words used to come out of my mouth.  They were the way I used to try and convince myself that what I really wanted to do was irresponsible, selfish and impossible.

And I did convince myself. 

I pushed the truth of what I wanted and all of my desires so deep inside that I wasn’t sure I could or would ever feel them again.  But then I woke up…I reached the moment when the pain of mediocrity and the silent agony of feeling unfulfilled became greater than the fear of unleashing my truth and taking action to go after it.

goals are not a january 1 thing

I no longer wait.

I no longer put off till tomorrow what I can begin today. 

So, are you ready to join me?

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