Total transformation is meant to radically change your life! For those that REALLY want to make a change, you can totally transform your life ONLY if you play big, play full out and commit to what you want!

The Total Transformation Program is different than anything you have ever participated in. Here is how it works.

Once a month, you will be part of group coaching call where you will learn new techniques, tools and resources for a particular area of your life. As part of a group of women all aspiring to make massive change in their lives, you will explore where you are and develop a strategy for your own situation.

As well, you will have a one-on-one coaching call with me to go into greater detail with your own personal strategic plan and develop goals for the month.

To support you in reaching your goals, you will be partnered with one woman from the program who will be your personal support for the entire year. You will be able to share your experiences with each other, encourage each other and serve as a means of accountability for the month. At the end of each month, you will complete a status update on what your experiences were and how your personal plan of action played out.

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Together as a group we will celebrate your successes and build each month on the momentum you create!

So, are you ready?

Limited to the first 12 people who enroll!

It includes:

  • 12 months
  • 12 individual coaching calls (one per month)
  • 12 monthly group coaching calls (one per month)
  • All exercises and worksheets
  • DSpot Journal

All for a low, gentle monthly payment of $47!

Jan – Introduction: Where are you?

If you don’t know where you are, you can’t possibly move forward! You may know where you are in your divorce process, but do you know what got you here? Have you learned everything you can from this experience? What did you bring to the table in the demise your marriage?

This month, you will be asked to look back over the last chapter of your life and explore what lessons you have learned from the experiences that have brought to today. Understanding what you have learned will enable you to shape a future without old patterns.

Feb – Money and Finances

Gain all the tools and resources you need to take control of your finances, both practically and emotionally! There are many ways to begin to get control over your finances. Not only are they easy, but will take away most of the anxiety you feel about your financial future.

Facing finances is often scary when we are going through a divorce. This month you will learn how to study what your financial situation is, put into place the systems so that your finances are within your control and create a plan that takes into account all of the areas of your life that need your attention AND that you would like to include.

Mar – Needs

Do you know what drives you? I bet you will be surprised to find out! Needs are what drive all humans. What we do, the choices we make and how we act are a result of these needs.

Understanding what the needs are that drive your behavior will help you to learn how to make better choices. It will allow you to understand your own needs and if they don’t serve you, to change them.

These needs are what allow or prevent you from getting what you want. You won’t be asking yourself “why did I do that” anymore. Rather, you will say, “I know what I want and why”.

Apr – Values and Rules

You do not have to stay where you are…create the values and rules that YOU want to guide your life! Once you understand what drives you, it is now time to understand the nearly impossible rules we create to get there.

If we create a rule that says that we must be perfect to attract and live the life that we want, then we will never achieve our goals as it is impossible to be perfect.

This month you will create new rules that will guide your life. These rules will be enjoyable and in alignment with who you are. They will allow you not only to get to where you want to go, but to have a fulfilling life while you do it.

May – Wellness

Nurture your mind, body and soul! No more unfulfilled resolutions….see your results! As we move through a divorce, we often times forget to take care of ourselves.

We may have trouble sleeping, eating and focusing on our body and health while at the same time experiencing stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

This month you will assess your wellness level and create a personal wellness plan that can be integrated into your life.

You will commit to an ongoing wellness plan so that you will have the energy that you need to manage all that is going on in your life.

Jun – Relationships

Are you ready for your ideal relationship? You can have all that you dream of…and its simpler than you can imagine! You may not be ready yet, but at some point you will be ready to welcome new relationships and friendships into your life.

This month you will participate in an exercise to clarify what you would like your ideal relationship to be and how to get it. As well, we will explore the many avenues for you to open yourself to new people and experiences.

During this month we will explore sensuality, how to enhance it in your life and how to nurture the glorious woman within you.

Jul – Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? After this month, you will know what you are meant to do and be! It is during times of turbulence and instability that people begin to reflect on what matters most.

Because you are going through a personal transition at the same time as we are experience economic and social turbulence, it is the perfect time to explore what matters to you and how you can create your next chapter to reflect what you want your life to include.

This month, you will engage in a workshop to discover what life means for you and what you would like your legacy to be. Finding what stirs the passion within you will be a focus of this exercise.

Aug – Self Care

Take care of yourself! Learn how to unleash the feminine within you and see how you can feel! As you move forward you MUST create self care as a priority in your life. Your children, your health and your ability to achieve the goals you set for yourself are dependent on the energy and focus you possess.

This month you will create a plan for extreme self care. Taking into consideration your personal and professional commitments, you will identify those things that make you feel good and create a schedule that includes doing them.

Creating a new pattern of self care is the single most valuable thing that you can do for yourself.

Sep – Spirituality

Have you lost your connection to the universe? Enjoy exploring your spiritual side and reconnecting to that which moves you! It is common during divorce to lose the once familiar connection to religion or the universe.

Faith, whether from religion, the universe or any other connection, is one of the best guides to creating your new life.

This month, you will explore what spirituality looks like for you and how you can integrate it into your life. Different ways of expressing faith and connection will be discussed with an opportunity to redefine what it means to you.

Oct – Social and Community

Connect to new friends, new interests and support circles that will inspire you! As we all know, divorce can create changes in our social and support circles. It can often be scary and intimidating to have to develop new friends, new social connections and new recreational opportunities.

This month you will evaluate your own social and support circles and take the first steps to opening yourself up to new friends and connections.

As well, you will learn how to evaluate just how well your current social circle serves you.

The newest social media outlets will be introduced and discussed with an emphasis in trying new things!

Nov – Rituals

Doing old things a new way! Enjoy this ritual creating workshop! Over time, the way that we celebrate the special occasions, birthdays, and holidays in our lives become our rituals.

When we have experienced divorce, the “traditions” that we may have created now seem sad or uncomfortable. It is therefore critical to understand that we can create new rituals for our families and ourselves.

This month, you will identify your own personal and family rituals. You will then create new rituals for yourself to reflect the new chapter of your life.

You will have the opportunity to design and create rituals in your life that are in alignment with who you are.

Dec – Family

You don’t choose your family…but you can deepen your connections to them! Explore ways to enhance your relationship with your family and most importantly your children! Divorce will inevitably create a change in your relationship with you family and children.

This month you will explore what these relationships currently look like in your life and what you would like them to be.

You will then create a plan to grow and enhance those relationships that will include understanding, communication and compassion.

These relationships have undergone a major transition and need to be nurtured and grown to make them what you desire. We will discuss innovative and comfortable ways to begin to strengthen these relationships and integrate them into your new life.

Please join me for a year of total transformation!

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