I was so taken with these three words that I decided to write about them this week.

Before I made the decision to become a Divorce and Life Transformation Coach, I had a long and fabulous career in non-profit management.  I specialized in development, fundraising and special event planning.  

During my professional career in non profits, I grew to understand the role of philanthropy in a person’s life on all levels:

·    Emotionally
·    Financially
·    Psychologically
·    Socially


Believe it or not, as much as each and every non profit needs our dollars, it is us as contributing  members of society that need them to remind us that we are part of a bigger community.

Whatever the contribution, the gesture of philanthropy provides a meaning to life that can’t be found any other way.

It makes us feel that we are:

·    doing what we were meant to do as human beings
·    part of something bigger
·    connecting with the piece of us that needs and wants to make a difference
·    coming from a place of selflessness rather than ego
·    fortunate for that which we have
·    grateful

These feelings make a tremendous difference in how we live our lives and how we feel while we are living it.  

There are three ways to give, as has been mentioned a few times:



·    Time

We all lead busy lives, especially as single parents and full time professionals.  However, I have never met someone that wouldn’t or couldn’t make time if there was something that they really, really wanted to do.  We are usually just focused on our own egos…rather than on giving.  

For whatever you are passionate about, there is a non-profit to support that mission.  I know of thousands of non profits that target the most narrow of causes.  If you can imagine it…it already exists.  Set aside time to volunteer at the organization of your choice.  If even for just two hours a week.  It makes a tremendous difference!

·    Talent

Another way that you can support an agency or give is through your “talent”.  No, I don’t mean your singing or dancing, rather it is any strength or skill that you can offer.

Talents such as:

1.    fundraising
2.    office work
3.    cold calling
4.    creativity
5.    web design
6.    marketing
7.    financial management
8.    leadership
9.    public speaking

The list goes on and on.  Whatever you have to give in the way of your skills and talent will be appreciated more than you know.

·    Treasure

Treasure speaks for itself.  If you have the means, giving to something you believe in, that reflects you and your values, will open you up to endless opportunity and possibility.

The joy you will receive coupled with the gratification of making a difference, will change you over time.

I learned a valuable lesson long ago from an old colleague who I “thought” did not have money to give.  She had three kids, was on a fixed income and relied heavily on scholarship money to help provide her kids with the education, activities and “stuff” that they needed.

One day I saw her writing out a check to a charity that she believed in to help people who could not help themselves.  I asked her why she was doing that because she worked so hard and could not even cover her own costs.

She told me that it was her obligation, no matter how small, to share her good fortune.   That no matter what, she had a roof over her head, her children and husband were healthy, and she could part with a small bit of her money.

I was so blown away by her generosity and her selflessness, that I began to see why her life, her family and her children lived with integrity and why they were always happy.

Since then, no matter how dire my financial situation has been at times, I always find just a little something to offer others who need it more than I do.

To give, in any way, will come back to you in greater ways than you could ever imagine.

By the people you meet, the lives you change and the way in which your life is impacted.  See for yourself!

I hope that you will give thought to these three words and find a way to incorporate them into your life in a way that is in alignment with who you are and how you want to lead your life!

I am here to support you and to help you move forward.  And you are here for each other.  Together we can create the life you WANT and DESERVE!

I specialize in extraordinary communication; listening skills and my cognitive process of understanding are seen as my supreme gift.

Simple, simpler, simplest is my mantra.

I will never leave any woman asking “What am I supposed to do next?”

I believe in a woman’s higher purpose, no obstacle will stop you from getting to your goals.