64d862553fb3a6c11d18135ebeb9206bThis is it girlfriend.

Where the rubber meets the road…where those that soar will leave the rest in their dust.

Today is the day you get to choose just how you want it go.

Yea, you can choose to live the same old story over and over again, but that would be your choice. Yours and no one else; no one to blame but you.

Or, you can choose to rewrite your story…turn the page and create your new and next chapter.

So what will it be?

Will you find yourself talking (to yourself and others) with the same words you have spoken for as long as you can remember?

  • …at least I have a job…so many out there don’t. I should stay where I am and not risk losing a job all together…i should be grateful.
  • …we don’t really fight…it isn’t so “bad”, it’s just not that exciting anymore. Besides, no long term relationship or marriage feels the same as new love.
  • …I’ll get to the gym when the kids get older and I have more time.
  • …i have to make meals that everyone likes, my family will never eat like that.
  • …i’m usually too tired for sex… and I don’t really need it that often anyway. Besides, I don’t love the way I feel and look, I get self-conscious.
  • …i have no idea what I want…when I figure it out I will do something about it.
  • …i don’t have the money to do what I really want.
  • …i need to be around for my kids, they are my priority.
  • …i just don’t have that kind of body.
  • …i’m so busy, I don’t even know where the time goes. I just don’t have time to do anything else.
  • …i’m fine.

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter if you only think it…thoughts become things, remember?46805ba9f1ac2cf338c27930e2dfa275

It’s time.

Time to stop.

Stop trying to convince yourself that there are a million reasons why you can’t.

Stop settling for good when it is clearly not good enough…and definitely not what you really want.

Stop trying to do it all, because working that hard only matters if you are doing what makes you feel good.

Stop being so busy because being busy isn’t living.

Stop being afraid of things that might just feel fabulous.

Stop talking yourself out of doing and being what you secretly wish you could.

And time to start.

Start believing that what you want is possible, because it is.

Start trusting yourself because you are trustworthy.

Start taking responsible for every word you speak, choice you make and action you take, 100% responsibility.

Start letting go of things and relationships that no longer serve or support you.

Start daydreaming.

Start playing.

Start opening yourself up to things new and different.

Start asking for support.

Start becoming the woman you are meant to be…the woman that you are.

Start living the life you truly desire.


Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Not next year.



Your soul craves it. Your heart is calling for it. Your body aches for it.




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