It has been coming up in almost every one of my sessions with clients lately; the conversation around  the deep desire to create change and what ultimately holds us back from actually doing it.

When working with clients, I often see trends what we are collectively experiencing, and the past couple of weeks have been no exception.  Almost every one of the women I work with has been frustrated recently; frustrated because every one of them is smart and aware, and completely committed to creating change.  But, despite being committed, they find themselves taking two steps forward, three steps back and not getting where they want to be…and definitely not doing it fast enough.

For each of us the reasons are different, but I have found that there is one thing that makes the difference between intention and the creation of sustainable change and I do it every week, no matter what.


It has to do with discipline.

You know…that little thing that underneath it all, is the real reason why some get results and others don’t.

Yes, it’s discipline.

It is making the commitment to doing what you know you need to do, even when you don’t feel like it, even when it is uncomfortable, even when it hurts and feels bad, and even when it is inconvenient and perhaps feels “selfish”. 

I am a planner by nature.  I am more comfortable when I have a plan for my life that includes the many, many things that are important to me.  Left to a bunch of open ended chunks of time or entire days, my mind will wander and I will become distracted by the unending list of things that “could” be done.

But the only (let me repeat that for you….the ONLY) way to get results, to see progress and feel the confidence that comes from honoring the truth of what you really want, is to do it.  Over and over again.

Losing weight.

Repairing a relationship.

Becoming proficient in a skill.


Building your business.

Changing your fitness level.

Running a marathon.

Finding love.

Writing a book.

These are all the same…and they are ONLY possible when action is taken to move towards them, consistently over time until the goal is reached.

I want a lot.  Yeah baby, A LOT!

I want to keep my relationship hot and passionate.

I want to make sure to spend quality, fun time with my children.

I want to tighten and firm my body in time for summer.

I have all kinds of awesome plans for my business that I want to make happen.

I want to travel.

I want to take dance…and yoga.

I want, I want, I want!

And so, here it is…the ONE thing that I do without fail, each week:  I take a half hour every Sunday evening to schedule all of the things I want to get done into my coming week’s calendar.

Yep, that’s it…just ½ of a Power Hour…my personal “get ready to rock the world” planning time.

It’s not rocket science, and most often it doesn’t even take me a ½ hour. But unless it is scheduled in my calendar and that day and time during the week is committed, it will never happen.  And that goes for everything.

I block out the days and times that I will be devoting to my health and fitness and I sign up for all of my yoga, workout and dance classes on Sunday for the entire week.

I carve out time to rest, relax and play with my man; during those times I make no other commitments.

I schedule time for cooking and meal prep so that I can have healthy food ready and available to me during the week.

I reserve time for writing, reading and client sessions…making sure that nothing conflicts.

If it isn’t in my schedule, chances are that it just won’t happen…and I know that many of you experience the same.

It is a discipline.  I simply don’t go to sleep on Sundays until I have blocked out my entire week.   And while things come up, priorities change and life can sometimes get in the way, this weekly habit is the difference between having a vision and making it happen.

Are you ready to turn your talking into action and finally get what you really want?

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