So, here’s the thing.

uncertainty wants to convince you that things aren’t ok.
that you are not moving in the right direction…
that you aren’t doing enough…
that you are doing too much…
that you are doing it wrong.

Uncertainty will try to convince you to take action when sitting with the discomfort is really in your best interest.

Uncertainty will try to convince you that good is good enough…and that staying where you are is the “safest” thing for you.

Uncertainty will try to convince you of stories that don’t really exist….in your relationships, in your career and around your dreams, passions and purpose.

And if you allow yourself to be convinced…if you allow yourself to believe what there is no actual evidence to support, then you will miss the glorious opportunity to create what you truly desire.

Uncertainty wants to mess you all up…it wants to push you towards what is easy, stable and comfortable. It will have you acting in ways that aren’t really you; and doing things that turn out to be self-sabotaging.

Uncertainty is painfully uncomfortable and incredibly good at the art of convincing.

But here’s the good news.

You are so much smarter than it is.
You are stronger,
more courageous,
and more resilient than it can possibly imagine.

You can handle whatever uncertainty throws at you….
You can ride discomfort out…. after all, everything you really want (you know, the things you haven’t even admitted to yourself), is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone.

You get to tell uncertainty where to go,
You are fierce, and feminine…and you are the boss of it.

So today, tell the uncertainty that you have no need for it.

Be uncomfortable and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust that it is all going to unfold in exactly the way that it is meant, because the best is yet to come baby.

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