You are not really sure when it started.

It was so slow, you didn’t even realize it was happening.

Taking care of others was always something you always took pride in.  Being reliable, considerate, flexible, caring, generous and un-selfish were qualities that you vowed would always be part of who you were and who you would becomeas a friend, wife, mother, daughter and professional.

So when did these qualities begin to turn into micro adjustmentsmicro sacrifices to take care of those you love the most.

Whether it was sacrificing your workouts;

Declining an invitation to go away with the girls;

Passing on an opportunity to pursue you deepest passion;  or

Simply prioritizing everyone else at the expense of your own self-care.

Yes, you continue to be reliable, considerate, flexible, caring, generous and self-less….just as you said you would always be.

Only now, one by one, those micro adjustments have pulled you farther away from the woman you are meant to be.

You tell yourself that you are being the kind of wife, the kind of mother, and the kind of friend that you are supposed to beand everyone around you appreciates it; after all, you make their life so much easier.

But, here you are, at a point in your life where you realize that you have lost a deeper connection with yourself.  All of those micro adjustments have created a gapa space between what has always been and what is yet to come.

You find yourself at a moment in time when you are desperately seeking something more.  More fun, more spontaneous, more passionate, more sensual, more creative, more spiritualmore.

And deep down inside, in the space of full wisdom you know there is a bigger, more authentic version of yourself ready to emerge into the world.  But you have to stop hiding behind the person everyone else wants you to be in order to find her.

You may not know what that means or how to unleash her to the world, but today marks the beginning of that journeythe journey to your next.

Loving you and all you are meant to be,


New LIVE Program!

NEXT: A Women’s Circle

I am so happy to announce the launch of the first NEXT Women’s Circle.

sheIf you live in or near Fairfield County, CT, I hope you will join me for this amazing new experience.  The beautiful Benay Rubin, owner of SHE3 Fitness, and I have created a safe and supportive place for women who are ready to explore what will be new and next in their lives.

For more information and to register!


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