You never know just when you need a dose of girlfriends the most.



Last week I had the privilege of participating in a special retreat through an organization that I am a part of called Savor the Success.  There is so much that I love about Savor the Success, all of which has been created by my friend, mentor and colleague, Angela Jia Kim a gorgeous, brilliant and accomplished woman and entrepreneur.

While it is a business community for women entrepreneurs, the single greatest thing I love about it is the underlying mission to bring women together so that they can support each other to walk fully in their brilliance, talent and gifts.

As a single mom, partner to my love, girlfriend, daughter, professional and entrepreneur,  I often find it difficult to find time to connect deeply with women who I can trust as I navigate the reliably bumpy road of creating my own new and next chapters.

Life can often get away from us.

The running around,

taking care of everyone in our lives that need us,

honoring the commitments we felt we should make,

and trying to take care of ourselves keeps us so busy that we sometimes don’t realize how isolated we have actually become.

Women inspire, empower, encourage and support each other.

And friends (I mean good friends!)….well, our friends do all this and more; feeling our joy and our painloving us through all that life throws at us.

But as we knowover time life becomes more complex, and complicated; and our need for finding comfort and safety in the presence of our soul sisters grows, even though we often ignore our need with excuses of being too busy, having too little time or being fine going at it alone.

However we are not finenot at all.  We need each other more than ever before.

Last Friday was a special day for me.  Not because it was an amazing entrepreneurial retreat where I gained wisdom and insight from amazingly talented business women, but because I embraced and surrendered to my need to be surrounded by the love, support and encouragement of women who want me to be, do and create all that I desire.

We are a sistahood; together we are unstoppable, invincible and worthy of everything we want.

I love you girlfriend.

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