Woohoo!  Spring has just about SPRUNG!  Do you feel it?

So, are you feeling ready for the spring?  Or, has this long, cold, snowy, and rainy winter made you feel stuck where you are?

Recently a new client said to me, through her tears, I hate feeling this way.  I cry all the time, I am angry and bitter¦I was never this way.  This is NOT who I am¦I want ME back again.

I was struck at her frustration at being stuck and wanting to reclaim her joy, her MOJO and her magnificent self¦.because I have been there myself.  Separation and divorce become a catalyst for massive change¦however, at the time, we can’t always see what comes next.  And, we are often paralyzed by our emotions and struggle to take the action we know we should be taking!

The problem is, no matter how much we sit alone at work, home or while running our kids around thinking about it, we can’t jumpstart our journey alone. 

We need each other to gain wisdom, inspiration, encouragement and support.    It  is hard to make friends in mid life, especially after divorce¦.and yet, we all want desperately to connect; to ourselves and each other.

I have spent the past few months planning a really special opportunity for YOU!

It is a one day retreat aimed to get you un-stuck! 

It is called Anew YOU!  and is a specially designed  program to jumpstart your journey towards designing your new and fantastic life!  It will be taking place on April 2, in Connecticut, at a wonderful studio called Fitbehavior in Rocky Hill.

 I have invited six amazing experts to join me in offering you a day of radical transformation in all the areas of your life that need your attention:

  • Financial Empowerment “ Lili Vasileff
  • Self Care “ Carolyn Phillips
  • Attracting Ideal Relationships “ Janice Christopher
  • Dating After Divorce “ Jaimy Blazynski
  • Believing In and Trusting Yourself “ Mary Jones
  • Surviving and Thriving “ Cathering Ewing
  • Taking MASSIVE Action  – ME

The agenda and details for the day can be found at:


This is a never been offered before event, and I want YOU to be a part of it!

I know that there are many excuses you can make to avoid stepping out of your comfort zone and into an opportunity to finally create the life you REALLY want, including:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Location
  • Fear
  • Not into that

However,  DON’T!  I want you to CHOOSE YOU! 

Together, with a group of women who all have a shared experience, the transition of divorce, you will BREAKTHROUGH where you are to design what comes next!

I have asked these amazing experts to join me this month for a couple of special FREE teleclasses to give you a taste of what they will be doing on April 2 at Anew YOU!

The schedule of these special calls is:

Monday, March 14 “ Jaimy Blazynski and Carolyn Phillips

Monday, March 21 “ Janice Christopher

Monday, March 28 “ Mary Jones and Catherine Ewing

All of these calls will take place at 9:00 p.m. EST and will be an opportunity for you to get a taste of just how wonderful the Anew YOU! event will be!!!

The call information is:

Phone Number:              760-569-0800

Access Code:                     379361#

What would it mean if:

  • You could design a life around what matters most to YOU?
  • You had peace and balance in your life?
  • You could achieve the health and wellness that you wish for?
  • You reached the level of financial security and independence that you only dream of?
  • You had joyful, meaningful and exceptional relationships with your children and family?
  • You woke up every morning feeling fantastic about YOUR life and excited to begin each day!

 For more information, go to www.discoverthedspot.com/events.html.


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