There is no manual.

There is no guidebook, no owner’s manual and no operating procedures for your life. While we don’t really think about it in this way, we are given this magical thing called life, that with no directions for use, is both exhilarating and frightening, often at the same time.

The twists, turns, and turbulence of a real life have kept me on my toes, pushed me to raise my game and ultimately, taught me everything I need to know to live and love in a way that leaves me satiated, fulfilled and dare I say, blissfully happy.

Not the kind of fleeting happy that comes with a new car, six pack abs or a surprise vacation, but an intrinsic, sustainable and deep, soulful satiation and exhilaration; all experienced by me, a reformed people-pleaser, sometimes skeptical and fiercely independent girl (okay, middle age woman but who’s counting).

It didn’t happen overnight and I am quite certain that I am not done yet, but damn…my life ROCKS!

And you, well, I know your type.

You don’t always admit it, but you are smart and powerful, born to lead. You take care of your kids, manage your home and while you do so much personally, professionally and in your community; you aren’t even close to being done yet either.

What you do and how you do it matters to you…and it should. You approach everything you do full on and with everything you’ve got.

I also know that on top of your job or business, you are active in the community and dedicate your most precious resource, time, to things that matter most to you.

I know that on top of caring for your children, you take care of so many others. It is likely that you are or will be tending to your parents, best friend, colleagues or neighbor, when cancer, Alzheimer’s or the demands of aging appear. You show up, you make time, and you go well out of your way to be strong, supportive and present with your love.

I know that you want to enjoy a deep, intimate, sensual loving relationship and that you struggle to find it in your own marriage, relationship or at all. You want passion, sex and a dose of eroticism, and girlfriend, this is exactly what you should want.

But, so often, it all feels like too much.

You aren’t falling apart, that’s not your style, but you aren’t having fun either. As a matter of fact, you aren’t even sure where the fun went? It seems to have bailed when you started doing what you thought you were supposed to do…for everyone, all the time.

The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Somehow your “new normal” is overcommitted, stretched thin and “too busy” to do the things that you actually want to do (if you actually took the time to admit it). And you wonder if all the self-proclaimed uber-fulfilled and happy women on facebook are simply full of shit and if they actually have children, families and “real” lives.

But the truth is, you aren’t sure how to get “it” back. How to reclaim intimacy and romance in your marriage or relationship, not only a sense of adventure but time to go and have some raucous fun, and the most authentic, purpose-driven career and destiny that are waiting for you.

Darling, your life has no rule book. There are no “right” answers.

You can ask (as many of my clients do) for confirmation, affirmation and approval for making beautiful and bold decisions in your life, but the one who knows what is best for you…is you.

And while there may not be an operating manual, you do possess infinite options for choosing how you live your life and manage the raw and real turbulence that comes along with it. Real women, real lives…that is who we are.

All you really need are real solutions; and a set of tools and strategies to help you have “it all” in a way that honors your raw and real life.

Well, I’ve got your back.

I am going to share with you the principles for living a fierce and feminine life on your terms and give you a concrete guidebook of these tools and resources in a one-step-at-a-time process.   Once you learn the principles and power available to you, you will feel confident in applying them to your real life; gently, courageously, and unapologetically.

But first, you must understand the power behind your decisions and choices. Gaining an understanding of how decision making really works and creating a concrete process for it in your unique life will allow you to approach your business, parenting, personal, and romantic choices with control and intention. It was not until I learned how to harness this power and apply it to my life, relationships and business that I could begin integrating all of the other tools in a way that would lead me to everything I really wanted.

On February 9th I begin a four week online program that will teach you exactly this; and will unleash the power of your choices, identify what gets in your way and teach you a decision making process that will set you up for success in every area of your life.

Yes, I want information on the power of choice and decision making!

I hope you will join me so that you can power through whatever comes your way.

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