I hereby give you permission to protect yourself!

If you are like me, this is the worst economic recession that we have lived through. And as luck would have it, we are going through it as single women and single mothers!

We can approach this time in two ways:

1. we can join the rest of the world by diving into the pool of “doom and gloom”, dismal forecasts and depressing statistics, or

2. we can stay focused on what we know we need to be doing and put up our invisible shield from all that will distract us physically, emotionally and psychologically.

So, what will it be for you?

I have chosen to protect myself and my personal life plan from being derailed by the world around me!

My priorities have shifted since this economic downturn began and they are now ordered as follows:

1. creating a new financial plan

2. developing a strategic plan for my business and professional development

3. focusing on the parenting of my two children

4. embracing new relationships

5. nurturing my health and well-being

6. initiating a new self care regime into my life

Together, these make up my 2009 Life Plan and allow me to fulfill all the areas of my life that need my attention.

While a year or so ago I was much more focused on what was going on around me, today I am narrowing my focus to those things that are most important to me:

· my security
· my health
· my family
· my ability to serve and support women through my business
· my wellness

Have you taken the time to identify what matters most to you?

Often when we feel overwhelmed and anxious, looking inward and reconnecting with what matters most will help to calm our sense of urgency and desperation.

All the answers are already within you!

You possess all that you need to move forward!

Now it is only a matter of tapping into your SELF and your inner resources. You can only do that when you are tuned in…all that you see and hear on tv, the radio and the newspapers will pull your attention away from what you need to focus on.

one step at a time

Here are five things you can do to tune in to what matters most and adopt a “one step at a time approach”.

1. Activate your personal protective shield!

If there is something truly necessary for you to know, I promise you will know about it! Turn off the tv and stop reading the paper! Rather, bring out your ipod or pop in a CD and enjoy whatever music makes you feel good! You don’t need the anxiety of the government, the stock market and the country to motivate you…you are your own motivator! Or, visit the library and take out a motivational audio tape or a book on tape and enjoy something uplifting!

2. Create a new morning ritual!

Instead of waking up to the hustle and bustle of your normal routine, try setting your alarm for 20 minutes earlier. Wake up and read a chapter of a good book. Grab a mat and stretch for 10 minutes. Put on your favorite meditative music, close your eyes and imagine doing your favorite activity! Give yourself the opportunity to welcome in the day in a positive and relaxed way!

3. Set your daily intention!

Carve out 10 minutes each morning to set your intention for the day. Close your eyes and imagine how the day will go. Visualize how your interactions with your kids, your colleagues, your clients, or anyone else will look and what you want to accomplish during the day. See your successes before they happen!

4. “Take time to smell the roses”!

When the world around us is uncertain and unstable, it is more important than ever to take the time to acknowledge those things around us that are stable! The beautiful blue sky, the sound of your children laughing, the smile that a stranger bestows upon you… There is an incredible amount of beauty in the world around us. During times of challenge, we tend to forget to see that which is right in front of us.

5. Tune into your body!

Our bodies are amazing machines! They know what we need without us even thinking about it. Listen to your body! When it needs sleep, give it sleep. When it needs nourishment, nourish it. When it needs attention, give it attention. It is the greatest gift we have and it needs to be taken care of.

These tips will help you to weather the road ahead and nourish the parts of you that are your inner compass! Take good care of and protect your greatest asset…yourself!

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