Every time I hear the word “permission”, I think about the “permission slips” we used to get in school.

The “permission slips” that allowed me to walk the school hallway without getting in trouble and even to leave school early for a good reason.

During and even after my divorce, and through a lot of self discovery, reflection and honesty, I realized that I spent a great deal of time seeking out “permission” from people in my life to do the things that I wanted to do.

Whether it was my parents, friends, husband, supervisors…I wanted confirmation that the decisions I wanted to make were “okay” with them.

It took me a long time to discover that I could grant myself permission to do and act the way that I want.

I find that with most of my clients I have to grant them PERMISSION to identify what they want and articulate it.
  1. permission to forgive themselves
  2. permission to ask for what they want
  3. permission to hold people accountable for their action, behaviors and words
  4. permission to be who they are
  5. permission to create a life that makes them happy
We, as women, are often unable to grant ourselves permission to do what is right for us because we are made to feel that it is:
  1. selfish
  2. irresponsible
  3. aggressive
  4. “manly”
  5. arrogant

Living your life the way you want, as long as it is with honor, integrity and respect for those in your life and the people around you, is NONE of these things! So let me ask you:

Do you deny yourself permission?
Do you look to others for permission to live the life you want?

You are responsible for your own actions, words and behavior.
You are responsible for your own choices and the consequences of them.

YOU are NOT responsible for anyone else’s actions words and behaviors. NOR are YOU responsible for their choices and the consequences of them.

I hereby grant you permission:

To be who you are!
To make choices that reflect your values!
To create a life that makes you happy!
To protect your heart and soul!
To stand up for yourself!
To ask for what you want!

You have ONE life to live! Live wisely!

I am here to support you and to help you move forward.  And you are here for each other.  Together we can create the life you WANT and DESERVE!

I specialize in extraordinary communication; listening skills and my cognitive process of understanding are seen as my supreme gift.
Simple, simpler, simplest is my mantra.

I will never leave any woman asking “What am I supposed to do next?”

I believe in a woman’s higher purpose, no obstacle will stop you from getting to your goals.