What is passion? Passion is defined as “feeling very strongly about a subject or person, usually referring to feelings of intense desire and attraction, to be very passionate about something”.

As we all know, passion can be positive and passion can be negative.

I define passion as being “juiced” about something. To get that feeling of having your heart race, being breathless, and euphoric!

It could be a person, an experience, an activity, a job…anything that gets you going is what passion is all about.

The question is, do you feel passion?

Is there enough in your life that you feel passionately about?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then congratulations, you are a very fortunate person and my wish is that you never lose that feeling and those experiences!

If your answer was NO to either question, then perhaps an exploration of this word is in order!


My life purpose is to help women find the things in life that juice them!

Remarkably, we all experience many things that get us excited, however we are not always aware that we are experiencing this passion at the time. With all of the areas of our lives that need our attention, it is often hard to know when we are feeling passion because we are so busy multi-tasking and moving on to the next thing.

If we neglect to both recognize and to fully appreciate these feelings in our lives, especially our relationships, we will, over time, lose touch with just how to do it. At that point, these parts of our lives will begin to suffer.

Perfect examples are our children or our partner, whether a spouse or significant other. In the beginning, we are enamored by both. The newness of a relationship or the birth of our children, offer us an incredible euphoria! We can sit and daydream about them, feel the flutter of excitement and enjoy the daily passion that comes at this stage.

But then, life sets in. Our jobs, demands, life, responsibilities and challenges draw our attention away from this ecstasy! In our effort to manage all that we have to do, we forget to carve out the time to see and experience the true passion that we have for our partner and/or our children.

The passion is still there, but it is our overwhelm and self imposed pressures that create the “noise” in our lives and make it difficult for us to hear and feel the euphoria that we still possess.

Here are five steps for opening yourself up to reconnecting to the passion in your life:

Step One: Clarity

Light a candle, grab a piece of paper and a pen and take a little time to write down what passion means to you. What does it look like? What does it feel like? When was the last time that you felt that kind of passion?

Step Two: Priorities

Next, create a list of the things in your life that you feel passionately about. If you feel passionate about skiing and you have not been skiing in five years, it should still be on this list. Just because you have not been doing it doesn’t mean that you can’t in the future.

After you make the list, prioritize it in order of how passionately you feel about each item.

Step Three: Time Management

Next to each item on your list, write the following:

· how often you feel passion for it
· how much time do you devote to doing it or feeling passion about it
· how might you find more time to devote to it

Step Four: Creativity

Next, you will need to write down all of the ways that you currently derive passion for each item. In addition, explore and brainstorm all of the ways that you might be able to more fully enjoy the passion that you do feel about each one.

If you love to ski and have not found a way to integrate into your life, how might you be able to welcome this into your life in a new and different way?

Step Five: Indulgence

Most importantly, make the commitment to yourself to fully indulge in all of the things in life that you feel passionately about.

Find time, create time and take time to FEEL the passion that stirs within you!

When you have completed these steps, share them with your family, friends, spouse/significant other, kids and anyone else who is in your support circle.

Share with them your new commitment to passion and its presence in your life!

Let them know that to feel PASSION will ultimately enhance your ability to create a life of fulfillment and enjoyment. And when you do that, you will be a better woman, mother, spouse, girlfriend, friend, daughter and all of the roles that you enjoy!

Go for it!


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