Welcome love!

2015 has been waiting for you!

So, how was your holiday season?  I want to wish you a happy, happy new year beautiful.

I had an epiphany on New Year’s Eve.

I spent the final day of 2014 cooking, cleaning and preparing for the arrival of the New Year when I would welcome it in with friends and family.


 As the sun went down I decided to take a few minutes to reflect once again on the year gone by, and as I closed my eyes and began to look back, it hit me.  I finally understood what 2014 was all about and exactly what I want to come next in the year ahead.  Here is what I discovered:

“as i sit here preparing to snuggle on the couch with my love tonight and bring in the new year tomorrow with friends and family, I am taking the time to reflect on this past year and what is in store for the year to come.

In looking back, I know now that 2014 was a year of preparation for me. it started with a period of darkness and sadness, and a feeling of loneliness that left me raw and vulnerable. This darkness led me to more deep, inner work than I have done in a long time, exposing very raw and real parts of my life and opening me up to do the work I am meant to do. Mentors and soul sisters showed up. My relationships evolved…shifted, and through the turbulence they expanded and deepened…with my kids, my man, my friends and my family. And there was loss. loss of relationships, experiences and outdated, self-imposed rules.
I dove in, I showed up, I pushed through. step by step, day by day, taking each and every opportunity to grow and learn. 

Preparation…it has all been preparation, I can see it clearly now.

This year is ending with the tenth anniversary of my divorce…the end of a decade of more evolution and revolution than I ever would have imagined.


It is ending with a powerful vision for 2015…big, audacious goals, with fear and uncertainty greater than anything I have ever experienced. And yet…I feel more alive, more ready and more excited than ever before.

There will be an epic revolution of women reclaiming desire; all moving through and into new and next chapters. 

There will be a move…to a new state and new home. 

There will be a graduation and empty nesting.

There will be travel, speaking and serving in the most fierce and fabulous way. 

There will be love…so much love. and laughter, needing a panty-liner kind of laughter.

Growth, change, transition, transformation, expansion and abundance in every way. 

And there will be loss, empty space, uncertainty, fear and so much fucking discomfort.

But I am ready. I have studied, learned, practiced and anchored myself with the tools and resources I need to make it all happen.

2014 preparation.

2015 expansion.

bring it.”


Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees.


While I didn’t realize it at the time, 2014 was a year of preparation for me.  Never before have I experienced a year so focused on giving me everything I need to create my own next chapter.


As I went back and read the intentions that I set for myself as I entered 2014, I was able to see now that even though I didn’t understand it at the time, every experience, every relationship, every adversity and every choice this year (both good and frankly, not so good!) prepared me for what I am meant to do and be in the coming year….and beyond.

Each passing day, month and year becomes a blueprint and in some ways a compass for what comes next; we just have to take time to reflect on and seek out the gifts it presents to us.


So tell me, what gift did 2014 leave for you?  How did it prepare you for 2015?

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Happy new year love!



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