This past weekend I facilitated my very first live desire map workshop with my friend and colleague, Deb Boulanger…and what a day it was.desiremap

I woke up to one of the worst winter black ice storms which caused me to start the day being anxious about driving, worried about the safety of the women coming to the workshop, and questioning whether or not we should cancel or postpone the day. Determining that I would show up for whoever was willing to make the trip, I left my house only to fall on my ass on the way to the car and then spend two hours driving in treacherous conditions at 10 mph with my hazard lights on.

Two hours later I arrived at my dear friend’s gorgeous day spa to be greeted by my beautiful co-facilitator, both of us dripping wet with freezing rain and managing anxiety from the hair-raising journey there.

The universe works in mysterious ways; often presenting us with obstacles that challenge us to tap into power and strength we didn’t even realize we possess.

We made the decision to surrender to the will of the day and know that whoever showed up was exactly who was supposed to be there; and that we could and would honor the women who couldn’t make it in another way.

Seven of the eleven women showed up, one of whom had driven four hours to make it. With candles burning, soulful tea and snacks shared, and our hearts open, we dove into the beauty and magic of the desire map process.

There was laughter, tears and courageously speaking the truth; coming clean with what is and is not working in their lives. Within a safe, supportive and loving environment, each woman was able to say out loud what they often struggle with silently and avoid.

The women who sat around our sacred circle were simply amazing. They have fought and conquered cancer, held strong after the loss of sisters, mothers and best friends, walked forward in the face of divorce and loved powerfully while weary from fatigue, fear and self-doubt.

Together we celebrated our collective courage in all of its raw and vulnerable beauty.

And then, we got busy.


Through the afternoon of desire mapping they learned to speak a new language; the language of what they really want, what they are most afraid of, and how they can begin to turn their desire into action.

They shared.
They declared.
They planned.
And they commit.

Most of all, they honored the remarkable woman within; and reconnected with the truth of their desire.

I witnessed two sisters wanting to love and support each other more deeply as they evolve into the women they are meant to be.

 I watched a beautiful wife reclaim her burning sexuality after years of battling cancer.

 I honored a woman’s powerful declaration that her new and next chapter as a cancer survivor, mother and grandmother will include taking care of herself first.

 I listened as a single mom with an incredible new business took the first step in acknowledging her financial fear and overwhelm and committed to a plan for self-sufficiency and abundance.

And now they each have a plan and process for ensuring that every choice they make and action they take aligns with what they really want.

Real women with real and beautiful lives.

They had no idea what they were getting into, all they knew was that they were ready for a change.  They had reached a moment in their lives when it was time to shake things up and face the year with a focus NOT on more of the same.  They had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

As I shared with you last week, I will not “sell” to you, that is not what makes me feel good.  Rather I will invite you to be open…to shake things up and welcome in new opportunities and possibilities, whether you believe they are possible, or not.  Remember, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  The peace, joy, abundance, excitement, romance, and fun you crave; they are all out there waiting for you.

There will inevitably be heartbreak, loss, fear and uncertainty that will cause our lives to twist and turn in ways we can’t even  imagine; and while we can’t predict or control when and how they will show up, we can choose how we feel and choose to move forward through them.

If you want to experience this powerful process for yourself, please join me for my newest virtual Desire Map workshop! And remember, use the promo code: fastaction to get $100!

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