Nobody told me, but I should have known.

No one told me that was as strong, courageous, super smart and resilient as I really am. I had to figure it out all on my own.

In fact, all it took was one little exercise and the willingness to accept it as truth.

THE Exercise:

Take out a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

  1. Remember a time when you were hurt, embarrassed, rejected or paralyzed by fear.
  1. Write down what the experience was, how it made you feel and what you thought at the time.
  1. How did you move through it? Spill every little detail of what that experience was like and how you moved through it to get to the other side. 
  1. What did you learn from it?

If you just glossed over this exercise, go back and do it. If not now, then later….but do it.

Here is just a little of what I learned after doing this exercise, and I have done it a number of times over the past decade of my life.

When I was in middle school, I was a ballet dancer. I danced 6 days a week, every day after school and on weekends. I was really good and I worked as hard on it as I have ever worked. I loved to dance and I got as far as being accepted into the elite Boston Ballet Company’s summer program.

But, I wasn’t born with a body of a prima ballerina. While tall with long legs, I have beautiful curvy hips and my feet don’t have that gorgeous ballet arch….and no amount of practice was going to change that.

At some point I stopped getting the leading role; despite audition after audition, the rejections kept coming. And it stung. I cried big tears knowing that what I had always imagined was in all likelihood not going to happen. I had no idea what to become without ballet to ground me.

I am not sure what hurt most, experiencing my own awareness or my mother watching my pain, but the cold, hard truth was that I was never going to be a principal dancer, no matter how hard I worked or how badly I wanted it. And so I accepted it. I accepted this truth in addition to another truth, which is that I am a great dancer. I LOVE to dance and once I accepted that my childhood dream of being a ballerina was no longer what was going to happen, I could open up to the possibility of college and infinite career paths, as well as the many ways that I could continue to keep dance a part of my life whatever age and stage I enter.

This experience, at the young age of 15, taught me that I could course correct my life at any given moment. That despite rejection, sadness and disappointment, I had everything I needed to get through such a difficult time.

I found my courage.

I found my strength.

I found my determination, discipline and adaptability.

I found my resilience.

And when the next painful crossroad or obstacle appeared, and they have many times over these years, I was prepared with the knowledge that I would find my way forward, and that I had the grit and the fierce & feminine resilience necessary to create a new path along the journey that is my life.

You are no different.

You are strong, courageous, super smart and resilient beyond measure.

But by all means, don’t believe me…just do the exercise and you will see.

Rock this fall baby…do it because you can.

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