You are everything I need and nothing I ever imagined I could have.

I could have never described you on paper, and yet when I did the work to prepare myself for you, you magically appeared. Okay, it wasn’t so magical, we found each other on Match, but it felt easy and effortless.

You showed up.

You not only showed up then, you have shown up each and every day since.

You love being a man and are not afraid to be all in; and you were ready for a real relationship and a real woman.

You told me that when you read my profile, it was as if it was written just for you. And it was. It wasn’t meant to attract many men… it was intended for one man only…for your eyes only.

You never took the lame text and email approach to getting to know me; you called to talk and asked me out, even when your schedule and resources made it difficult. And that never changed…not even over time. You knew what you wanted and you asked me for it.

You wanted to hear my voice and see my face, then… and you still do. Every time you are with me, you tell me so.  When you want me, it makes me want you more.

You too were seeking love and connection, and that made my heart race. It still does.

You are fiercely masculine, never wavering in who you are. You don’t pretend to be anything but who you are, never driven by the need to be “liked” or “accepted”, only to show up authentically you.

While you are everything I need, you are most definitely not what I thought I would choose. We are different in so many ways and yet what matters most fits.  I am grateful I took the time to understand what does matter most to me…it isn’t what it once seemed.

You love being a man and that invites me to be your woman. This is what makes me so attracted to you.

You are strong and confident but are never threatened by my strength and confidence. You are amused by me and my fierce independence, you support and honor my need to be who I am and always accept my invitation to indulge in the things I love. The more you enjoy my journey to be who I am and what I desire, the more I am drawn to you.

And while you grant me the space and ability to fill my life with people and experiences that nurture my soul, you love yourself enough to ask for what you need as well; and that makes me want to give to you even more.

You love your children deeply and have grown to love mine. While you don’t always agree with the way that I parent, you support me to be the mother I want to be.  Creating our own version of family is something we are jointly committed to…you join me in spreading the love.

You calmly allow me to be the audacious, energetic, distracted and often overscheduled feminine that I am, but you also call me out on all of my bullshit. In fact, you are able to create humor from the crazy that I am, but you do it with love and an appreciation for me. Your humor is one of my favorite things about you. You make our real lives hilariousalways finding joy in being human.


Image from Etsy store mylittlepixels

You know me better than I know myself and instead of being critical you are curious and challenge me to grow. When things get tense and we experience conflict, you deliver your thoughts with love and a desire to make me an even better woman.

You listen when I have something to say, but challenge me when you don’t agree. You are able to accept responsibility for your words and actions, and demand the same from me.

You find me beautiful and sexy, and tell me all the time.

You are deeply and passionately in love with me and regularly express how special and amazing you think I am.

But one of the best things about you is your ability to find joy and peace no matter what the circumstance. You honor your commitments and challenges with integrity and it never affects your ability to create special time for us.

Your ownership of who you are allows me to feel safe traveling this road with you; I know that wherever we are and whatever we are doing it will always be fun and there will always be love.

I am the best version of myself when I am with you because your eyes reflect the woman I want to be.

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