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We are only two weeks away from 2015…two weeks away from the new and next year.

For the past few months I have been working with women who are seeking more; more of everything they want.  This intimate group of spectacular women includes women who know what they want but have been afraid to say it out loud and women who feel a desire for more but have no idea what the “more” they are seeking is.

During this time what I have seen through watching the gorgeous unfolding of their pursuit of more is the equally gorgeous liberation of their souls.

Getting back in touch with what we want is exhilarating.

It makes us giddy.

When we are wanting, we come alive.

Our heart and soul open up…we find the power of our voice.

But somewhere along the way we stopped.

We stopped wanting.

Wanting more.

More of all that makes us giggle.

More of what makes us feel warm and loving from the core of who we are.

More awake.

More open.

More turned on.

More of everything that feels good.

There was a time when I lost sight of what wanting more meant…and felt like. 

I was so busy doing for others, taking care of everyone else’s needs, getting shit done and “managing” the life of wife and mother that I simply forgot to take time to indulge in wanting.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want more…the truth was that I wanted a lot more. {Tweet This}

I wanted more time to play and spend with my children.

I wanted more fearless fun and adventure as a woman.

I wanted more intimacy, connection and bangin’ sex in my marriage.

And while I was working full time, I wanted more direction and clarity around my job and professional path….around what I was really meant to do and create.

It wasn’t until my divorce that I truly gave myself permission to want more of everything I desired.  My journey through and forward after divorce and the creation of my new and next chapter has been my journey back to me and all that I want.

Now it is your turn.

It is time for you to grant yourself permission to create more of everything you desire. {Tweet This}

And to help you begin your journey, I am so excited to share my new, free Permission Granted Report with you.


As you let go of what was and leave it behind in 2014, take time to begin your journey to wanting more.

With all my love,


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