I am so excited to share with you my second guest post for my new blog!  About a week or so ago, I shared with you my first guest post written by Tara Eisenhard, Relative Evolutions,  who is going to be joining me with Meredith Allen, this week’s guest’s blogger, for a very special, FREE teleclass!!

On Wednesday, March 23 at 9:00 pm EST Meredith  will be joining me with Tara, to talk about issues around being a single mom, divorced woman and in her own workd, “daughter, sister, friend, loner by nature and lawyer by trade.”

For more information about this special free teleclass and all other D Spot events, sign up at www.discoverthedspot.com.

Enjoy Meredith’s post below:

Thanks so much to Laura for inviting me to guest post and to participate in this month’s teleclass!  I’m Meredith.  Not too long ago, I was a happily married mom of three and my life was pretty well all mapped out.  The day before our tenth wedding anniversary, my husband filed for divorce, shocking me and pretty much everyone we knew.  Within sixty days, I learned about his infidelities, he moved out, we told the kids, we made decisions on custody and finances, the papers were drawn up and signed, orders were entered by the judge, the ink dried and I was officially divorced.  I’d like to know what the Guinness World Record is for the fastest divorce in history, because I think mine’s probably in the running!  Today, not quite two years later, I am a happily divorced mom of three and although my life is anything but mapped out anymore, I think I like it better that way.  The road from there to here has been, and continues to be, both sad and happy, high and low, frustrating and peaceful, painful and joyous.  In other words, pretty rich.

Along the way I started a blog called Now Is Good in an effort to help me process what I was going through and to find a creative outlet to do a little writing.  I write about whatever moves me on a given day, but most frequently I explore the effect of the divorce on my kids, co-parenting with my ex, dealing with his girlfriend and her relationship with my children, and the ups and downs of carving out a new life when the old one  disappears.  My blog is just one (although one of my favorite ones) of the unexpected positive outcomes of a divorce I didn’t see coming and didn’t at all want.  On the first anniversary of my divorce, I wrote a post entitled “D-Day and 100 Divorce Perks” and listed out the top 100 ways in which my divorce had effected a positive change in my life.  I’m finding that if I just look in the right places, I add to that list more and more every day.

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