I realized this week that I have been extending an opportunity to women that I have been meeting through my everyday life that I have been remiss in offering you, and so I would like to do so today.

As you know for the first 6 years of serving women as a strategist and coach, I worked exclusively with women moving through and forward after divorce.  Having worked with hundreds of women, I guess you could say I was conducting an informal research study on the real and raw truth of what women today are feeling and experiencing.  And thanks to those women being so open and honest with me, I learned so much!

Over the past year I made the decision to continue my informal research by inviting women to join me in an intimate conversation around what their real lives look and feel like, and what they wish their life and love can become.  These conversations are part of my work to understand and serve you in a bigger, bolder and more transformative wayto really get to know what your complex and often complicated life looks like.

Through these conversations I have gained friends, colleagues, partnerships and clients; they have allowed me to expand profoundly both personally and professionally.

I apologize in advance for not having extended an invitation to you until today!

Are you seeking clarity around what you are feeling or experiencing?

Do you crave a sense of peace and control over where you are going?

Or maybe you are simply looking to let your inner awesome out in a bigger, bolder and more confident way.

I would like to invite you to an intimate conversation with me to talk about YOU. I want to hear more about you, your life, your love, your challenges and your celebrations.  If it’s a fit, I may share with you how you can continue to receive my support; but either way, getting to know you fuels my desire to serve and for that I am grateful.

Here is what one beautiful woman had to say after our conversation:

“I held no preconceived ideas about our time together.  I had no idea, except for what you alluded to, so I can to the conversation open to what the time offered.  I felt strong and confident and eager to learn from you, again, with nothing but my open heart.

Ha! And bam, right into the target zone you went

Extraordinary. Absolutely extraordinary.

I hope you have tears in your eyes, because you shifted my world and it will make all the difference!  All stuff I knew and know, but I liken it to a turn of the dial….and YOU turned the dial for me…”

It is you, and all women, who are beautiful and magnificent beyond measure; and it would be a privilege to have you share your story with me.

Just email me at to schedule a conversation. 

I look forward to talking with you.


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