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047f8da3fd4f8f31bd332dd8e87eac03On Monday evening the world received the news that Robin Williams, beloved comedian and creative genius had taken his life.  His untimely death was felt all around the globe and by Tuesday morning the emotions of sadness and grief were palpable.

The shocking news of his passing in combination with Sunday’s Supermoon energy, has created a collective energy that many are finding confusing, sad and overwhelming in many ways.

Before you continue reading this email, I want to ask you to close your eyes and take a deep breathgiving yourself a moment of peaceful quiet.

I recognize that most, if not all, of you are currently managing some form of transition, challenge or time of uncertainty.  And you are not alone.  Through my work with you and all women, I have learned that we are all moving along a journey that will include the reliable discomfort of growth and the creation of new and next chapters.

However, so many women are still suffering silently, behind a smile and polished exterior, with feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or uninspired.  And often, women will isolate, believing that they “should” be able to handle it alone and are “selfish” for wanting or needing support to create more in their lives.

Image by Teresh Kovets

Now more than ever I want you to know that if you or someone you know is silently struggling, you are not alone and there are so many of us who are here to support you.

My heart and hand are outstretched to youplease accept my loving support.

There is nothing more valuable and important than your sense of peace and fulfillment; and as we learned this week, it has no correlation to money, power or fame.

As an expression of how much I love you and believe in the power of what is possible for you, I want to extend to you a complimentary Caring Call session to just make sure that you feel the power of support that you have in this community of amazing womenall you have to do is let me know.

I will also be hosting an open, free call tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 13th at 8:00 p.m. EST for all of you who would like to come together to support each other through this powerful and potentially uncomfortable week.

Call number:  760-569-0800

Access code:  379361#

Loving you,

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