Research suggests that January is the saddest and most depressing month for individuals.

• Resolutions loom large
• The surge of holiday festivities is over
• Winter has set in
• We do more reflection during this month

I can’t say I agree…January for me is a month to set the tone for my entire year!

It is the time when I make commitments to myself, my children and others. Spring seems right around the corner and I begin to focus on what will be instead of what was!

The good news is…it is now February!


So many of you have been writing to me with what you are experiencing right now. Your concerns, overwhelm, and anxiety around the many areas of your life that you need to manage is clear!

In response to all that you have shared with me, I have decided to begin a FREE Monthly Teleseminar Series next month!

I have invited a special Guest Expert each month to join me in sharing useful information, tools, resources and guidance with you!

Each Guest Expert will represent a different subject area and will be available to answer and questions that you may have.

I will be recording each of these calls so that if you’re unable to make it for any reason, you can listen to the recording at your convenience.

The calls will take place at 9:00 EST and will last one hour in duration.

My hope is that these calls will:

1. create an easy way for you to become familiar with the concept of teleclasses and online learning!

2. give you just the boost you need each month to continue focusing on creating your new life!

3. provide an opportunity for you to take ONE hour for yourself each month!

The first Monthly Teleseminar will take place on Wednesday, February 11 at 9:00 EST.

I will be sending you a separate email with the details about this fantastic call and expert! To register for email updates and further information, please click here.

Despite the economic, personal and professional challenges we are all facing, this is also a time for radical change!

We have seen a radical change in government.
A radical change in the economy.
A radical change in employment.

What does all this mean? It means Opportunity!

History has shown us that these times of radical change are cyclical and we are going to see a shift all across the country and the world. And, this change will not all be “bad”. There will be wonderful creation and innovation that comes out of this massive shift!

If we don’t keep ourselves open to new opportunities and possibilities, and live in fear, overwhelm and anxiety…we will not see these opportunities when they present themselves!

This is the time for you to take control of your life instead of it controlling you!

Do whatever it takes to calm your mind, body and soul and keep your eyes, your heart, your mind and your emotions open to what will be!

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