Image by Terry Naran

Image by Terry Naran

We must let go of the life we’ve planned, to have the life that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell

I’m back!

I know that I have been less than engaging with you over the past few weeks and I want to apologize for my lack of presence and attention on you.

As some of you may know, over the past two months I have experienced my own time of significant transition.

I set my youngest son off to college (in other words I became an “empty nester”).

I sold my home and moved to a tiny beach house causing me to let go of most of my possessions; also moving out of the town I have lived in for the past 25 years…the same one I raised my kids in.

I found a new owner for my dog as there would no longer be anyone around during the day to take care of her in her senior years.

All of these changes demanded a great deal of my time and attention, and truth be told, had me calling upon my own fierce and feminine resilience like never before. 

It has been a time of great challenge, but even greater reward.  And as I moved through each uncertain and uncomfortable day, I was again reminded of how strong and courageous every one of us is and how critical it is to strengthen our resilience muscle.

I moved into my new home one week ago and while the discomfort of letting go of so much in my life has been excruciatingly overwhelming at times, I now sit here in my delightful beach cottage writing this email to you, filled with the power of what is possible and what is to come.

Yet, I could never have done this alone.  In fact, I am even more aware of how important it is to get the support you deserve. 

But how do you know who the “right” person and support for you is?  I have explored exactly this question in my newest post on the Daily Worth, you can read more here.

I am thrilled to be back into the swing of things and ready to join you on this journey to all that you desire.  If you find yourself in a time of significant change in your life, please accept my gift of a complimentary coaching session to explore your best next steps!

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