fwordI am a lot.

A handful.

And definitely not everyone’s favorite flavor.

What you see is definitely what you get, but what you see is not all that you get.

The funny thing about social media, blogs and doing the work that I do is that it is easy to filter the messages and words that I put out there so that they accurately reflect what I believe…and what I value.

However, in filtering the messages and words, you don’t get to see the unfiltered, raw & real parts of me that frankly, are probably the most important (and definitely the most fun!).

So let me let you in on a little secret.

I have not given you the whole truth.

It’s not that I haven’t been honest with you, it is more that I have been afraid to let you see all of it…all of me.

As I get ready to release my new report, Permission Granted, and open registration for my first major live event, next.The Event, I think it is time to let you in…all the way in.

So, here we go.

I swear.

It’s true, I swear like a drunken sailor. In my personal life, cursing is part of my daily rhetoric. I can’t say that is something that I take pride in, but it is the truth. Fuck is my preferred word of choice and is sprinkled into the way I communicate. It is never used in anger or to hurt, but it has become part of the fabric of who I am.

I am extremely cautious when communicating with you and all of my clients, I know that many of you are turned off by and uncomfortable with the use of profanity, and I never would want you to think that I don’t honor and respect you and how you feel. However, I really like and own who I am, and if we are going to have a lifelong relationship, I want you to know all of me. I don’t want to filter myself with you and hope you can and will accept me for who I am.

I’m a personal development snob.

Perhaps snob is the wrong word, but it is honestly what best articulates how I feel. I have trained with and been coached by the best of the best in personal development. I know what excellence is and I aspire to be nothing less.

I have also learned that the coaches, experts and “gurus” who make the most money or have the largest number of followers are not necessarily the best. In fact, I would argue that some of the most brilliant and transformational leaders are also some of the least known.

As a result of being coached for so long, I don’t believe that coaching and leadership development should be reserved for business building and executive performance. Personal coaching will allow you to become financially, emotionally, romantically and physically healthy and is the fastest way to executive and professional success.

I have a gift and know with confidence that I am meant to support you in achieving success in all areas of your life. I may not be the most masterful list builder or network marketer out there in the world of coaching, but I am devoted to you and the work I have passionately chosen. Investing in outstanding personal growth and development is how you can and will achieve peak performance in life, love and business. {tweet this}

I’m an outlier…and a translator.

I don’t fit it. Better stated, I am not and can’t be defined by any one label, I never could. I am not your average suburban housewife or mother, I am not necessarily spiritually awakened, I am not a network marketing expert, I am not quite a free spirit and I am not a traditional single woman.

I am a cross between them all, I am a hybrid. I am grounded in tradition and conservativeness (is that even a word??), but I am also as liberal, uninhibited and edgy as they get. Many have called me a quirky, fun cocktail of personality types, and yet the things that make me unique are the same things that keep me from belonging to any one tribe.  The most wonderful part of being a funky, fun cocktail of personality traits is that it has allowed me to play with so many extraordinary and diverse friends and colleagues.

I am also a personal growth translator. While I am trained in and live my life using personal growth principles and applications, I also know that many women can be skeptical about the woowoo rhetoric tossed around by spiritual gurus (I used to be one of these women). I am able to take these principles, utilize my background in strategic planning and my life coaching training, and help real women like me to apply them to their lives.   I know that stepping into personal growth is a journey that begins one small step at a time; but I also know that this hard inner work is what leads to ultimate life fulfillment…and true freedom.

I get scared…a lot.500f85e2e68576016fd79c05b1bf0458

I may look and sound confident all the time, but the truth is far different than what it seems. While I know that I am excellent at what I do, I spend countless days (and nights) navigating fear and doubt.

You and me, we are no different. The responsibility of being a partner, mother, daughter, friend, strategist, business owner and hopefully role model brings with it many moments of fear, overwhelm and anxiety.   I take the responsibility of every one of my roles seriously and use my fear and overwhelm as fuel to do the hard inner work of showing up as the best version of myself possible. But it isn’t always easy, and I would never tell you otherwise. I live a perfectly, imperfect but incredibly blissful life; and in truth, it is my passion for my work that causes me to feel most uncertain. Sometimes, I even feel paralyzed.

I wonder if I will be able to serve and support more women and how I am going to reach them.

I wonder if I have been or will be able to make a difference in your life, because that is what I crave to do.

I question if and when you, and all women, will reach a moment when you will value investing in yourself as much as you value investing in your children, your home and your business (P.S. investing in yourself IS an investment in your home, children and business success).

Knowing that creating the life you desire and love you deserve is your right, and having confidence that I know exactly how to help you get it keeps me fueled, even when my inner mean girl tries to take over.

I get it…I know what fear looks and feels like. And I know that looking it squarely in the eye and doing it anyway is the only way to get everything we want. {tweet this}

You now know. You know the raw and real truth about me. Of course there is more, but you and me, we are in this for the long haul. And as we continue to build our relationship, I commit to sharing it all openly and vulnerably with you.


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