I never imagined I could feel this blissful.

Since the day I moved into my new little beach cottage, I have been having fun…and I am blissfully and euphorically happy.

And yet, the journey here was not so easy.

You have heard me say many times before that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there….and my recent experience proves its truth, yet again.

Three months ago I was experiencing more uncertainty, anxiety, overwhelm and fear than I have ever felt. Negotiating the sale of my home, preparing to move out of the town I have lived in for 25 years, sending my youngest off to college (aka: empty nesting), and letting go of about 80% of my possessions was almost more than my time management and emotional intelligence could handle.

However, in a place deep down inside, I have known that the convergence of these transitions and the pain, discomfort and loss of moving through them, is where what I truly desire lies.

I have come through the pain of letting go to find, yet again, that when we make the space for what we want to come in, believe that what we want is actually possible and take bold action to take us one step closer to it…we will find ourselves being led directly there.

The truth is that we all know what we want deep down inside, in the place where our heart, soul and mind meet.

But for so many of us, the fear of letting go is simply more than we think we can bear.


The fear that works so hard to convince us that what we really want isn’t possible…when it really is.

The fear that wants us to believe it is protecting us; while this false sense of protection actually takes us further away from where we want to be.

The fear of opening up to what can be and instead pushing us back to the “safety” of what has always been…even if it doesn’t really make us happy.

And so we don’t.

We don’t let go and instead stay stuck right where we are; suffering silently by being busy.

But being busy isn’t living.

And so, I let go.

I let go of my children, and have launched the into their own amazing lives.

I let go of my house, because after all…it was too big, too expensive and too isolating for my new and next chapter.

I let go of living in the community I have lived in for over 25 years….the community in which I raised my kids. And I decided to move to a beach community and try something new.

I let go of my dog…as a senior dog she needs constant companionship and with no one home and my working hours, her needs would not have been met. And so I found her a new owner who needed her companionship more.

I let go of most of my furniture, home goods and possessions. They were beautiful. They were in amazing condition. And, yes, I might have been able to use them again one day. However, I don’t need them now and it was time to create space for something new.

I let go of what has always been and instead, opened myself up to what is possible. And so can you.

It is hard.

It comes with pain and discomfort.

And it will push you to find the infinite resilience you possess.

But it will be so worth it. I promise

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