It’s interesting. 

As I grapple with finding my way through this time of uncertainty in our country and world, I find that it is affecting the way I feel as a somewhat newly single woman.

I know just how easy it is to be frustrated, emotional, angry and unkind…and how much harder it is to take time to sit with the discomfort and uncertainty, and use it as an opportunity to grow.

I find myself doing more soul searching than I have in a long time; taking time to step outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself to set a new and higher standard in my life.

I am reminded that part of setting a new standard is owning the truth of how I feel and what I believe.  Over the years I have gotten clarity around my truth, but at this moment in time, the divisive nature of current events has had me questioning exactly what that means and to what extent I am willing to use my voice to put the power of my beliefs out into the world for the greater good.

So I thought about how many ways I can be using my voice, to benefit and advocate for myself, my children, my clients, my friends, my family, my colleagues and those whose voices are marginalized, shamed and in any other way ignored.

The truth, is that the more I thought about it, the more I realize that although I have committed to speaking my truth every day and in every way, I still hold back; and the politics of today have forced me to face whether or not I am maximizing my voice for the greater good.

I have found myself wondering what would have happened if I would have spoken up during the early years of Hitler’s rise to power? I am a Jew and we, as a people, vowed after the Holocaust to never let something like that happen again.  Never again has been the Jewish version of a hashtag.  But, history has shown that the rise of dangerous dictators is cyclical, you can read about it here.

As I watch the political climate evolve, I ask myself if history is inviting me to speak up.

I contemplate the opportunities I have missed along the way to advocate for myself professionally,




and socially.

And to be fully transparent, I also ask myself if I have the knowledge, intellect, and even right to put my voice in the game…after all, who am I?

Seriously?  Did I just say that?

Me, one who works with individuals on creating lives, love and careers around using their power to get what they want…I am asking if I have a right?

Asking this question has made me feel small, and insignificant in a world that needs me and my voice more than ever before.

My children need me to step up and advocate for them and the next generation.

My future grandchildren need me.

Women need me.

My best friend, a magnificent gay man needs me.

My entrepreneurial colleagues and friends need me.

My clients need me.

My parents need me.

My friend’s son recovering from heroin addiction needs me.

My three friends who are police chiefs need me as do the black residents and leaders in their communities.

The list goes on and on.

Yes, I have a fucking right.

And it is time for me to accept the invitation.

I haven’t been sleeping well recently, which is not normal for me…I have the gift of sleep, ask anyone that knows me.

But I have been scared.

Scared of losing friends,

romantic partners,

and relationships with people that care about, love and respect.

I mean, what if they don’t like me because of what I say?

What if they don’t want to work for me, hire me, or hang out with me?

Well, today’s the day.

I care…but not enough to stay silent.

I simply can’t live with myself if I don’t speak my mind and my truth, albeit with kindness, compassion and integrity.

It is not only my right, it is my responsibility and obligation as a member of the human race.

It is okay to feel upset, anxious, uncomfortable and agitated… however, it is what you do with it that matters.

Our voices are powerful.  They can drive growth, innovation, and expansion as well as spread love, hope and possibility.  And if used carelessly and without thought or courtesy, can hurt more than one might imagine.

We only have one amazing life, one…so how we choose to use our time, our voices, our actions and our love is what will define who we are and the legacy we leave.

I am focusing on being gentle, with myself and others; and I want to ask that you join me in doing the same. It is always more important to love than to be right; and it couldn’t be more true today.

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