Tuesday was International Women’s Day.

As you know, I am a relentless advocate for women…women of all shapes, sizes, colors, passions, and preferences, I believe in the unlimited potential of each and every one of you.

So it was such a day of pleasure to read all of the many amazing tributes to IWD2016, and women around the world.

One of my favorite women to follow is Erika Napoletano. She is smart, unapologetic and irreverent…exatly my kinda gal!

I loved her International Women’s Day post, and thought I would share it with you here.

“It’s International Women’s Day. So I’m going to use my XX chromosome pattern to put forth a few thinky-things.

  • As a small business owner carrying my own health insurance, I pay roughly $2800 in insurance premiums a year to get “free” birth control. I still have to get “permission” from my insurance company to have a mammogram.

  • In 1915, the suffrage bill giving women the right to vote was defeated in the House by a vote of 204 to 174. In 1918, a suffrage bill passed the House but failed in the Senate 53-31. That bill failed a Senate vote again in 1919 with 54-30. Finally, in May of 1919, the President called a special session of Congress and put the suffrage bill up for vote once again, this time passing the House AND the Senate. Mississippi didn’t ratify the Amendment until 19-fucking-84. Way to go, Mississippi.

  • We’re still told “we’d be prettier if we smiled” while no one says this shit to men.

  • The way to lift women up isn’t to push men down.

  • A man isn’t the reason a woman cannot succeed. It’s up to us to push through, go around, or make our own way — no matter our sex.

  • Women don’t have to have balls. We have a perfectly good set of ovaries and they make us different — not better.

  • Mansplaining is real — and it’s bullshit.

  • Ladysplaining is real, too. It’s when we assume that men can’t be supportive of women’s issues because they’re men. It, too, is bullshit.

  • I think we’d all do a lot better if we looked at everyone as HUMAN. Y’know — messy, weird, complex, feeling beings who fuck stuff up. Compassion knows no sex and I look forward to the day where we don’t need International Women’s Day because we’ve ditched the ridiculous notion that one sex is superior to the other and realized that we NEED one another.”



The following are a few more of my favorite commemorative posts from Tuesday, I hope you enjoy them!


I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women.

Not only is my mother the woman I admire most in the world, but I have friends, colleagues, mentors, and coaches; women near and far, women that I know personally and many that I don’t, that are divinely inspirational to me.

And it is not the success, money, fame or power that draws me in, it is the wise, strong, yet gentle, unapologetic and profoundly feminine way of living and loving that invites me to show up as my best self in the world.

Today I thank you, and every woman…for having the courage and grace to bring your most beautiful self into the world; for the world is a far better place with you a part of it.

I honor you.

I am a better woman because of you.

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