I’m tired.

So tired that it hit me over the head tonight.

Something hasn’t felt right and I have finally figured it out.

I’m tired of “selling” to you.

It isn’t me at all.  I was never interested in, intended to or was particularly skilled at “selling”; and frankly, I don’t really like the way it makes me feel.

All I want, all that I have ever wanted, is to support you when the going gets tough…really tough.  The kind of tough that turns your life upside down; those moments that take your breath away with fear and anxiety.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, scared, sad and lost; and I also know what it takes to navigate these critical times in our lives.  I am deeply committed to peaceful resolutions for successful new beginnings.

But somehow, in the journey to make sure that you know you are not alone and that I am here for you, I lost sight of how I want to feel.

It was so easy..

Because I love what I do…I love being even the smallest part of you reclaiming all that you want.

I love being your cheerleader, unrelenting advocate, loving desire guide and relationship, divorce, transition and resilience strategist.

Everything that has happened in my life, from getting my MBA, completing Anthony Robbins Mastery University, becoming certified as a life and executive coach and becoming a desire map facilitator to getting married and divorced, creating new (and ridiculously amazing!) love, and becoming the mother I always imagined I would be, has prepared me for what I am meant to be.

There is nothing that gives me more joy than working with women like you…like me.

Real women with real lives.  That’s who we are.

And I want to spend more time with you, supporting you, and cheerleading for you.

So, it’s time for me to walk my talk.  It’s time for me take you with me as I reclaim how I want to feel in my life. In fact, I am inviting you to take the journey with me and reclaim your own life and joy.

I’m going to take you with me because I know that at some point in your life (or love or business), you are going to find yourself at a time when you have lost sight of how you want to feel; and no matter how hard you try, there will be a moment you know that the only way back is to speak your truth, courageously choose to let go of what no longer works for you and then navigate the transition.

I am experiencing such a moment myself, and I’m ready.

The truth:  I don’t want to sell anymore, instead I want to take you on this journey with me.  I want to share everything I know with you, and then give you the information, tools, resources and support to not only create what you want, but to master  the power of fierce and feminine resilience.

More of the truth:  I want my life to feel good, soulful and fulfilling…the way I always feel when I am doing what I love.  I have been planning an incredible event to take place in April, and while I have crazy good speakers lined up and content so powerful that it will change your life forever, finding the money needed to produce the event of my dreams is taking me away from what I love most and has forced me to take my focus away from you and onto “selling” the need for creating this experience.  And I’m no longer having fun.

As I accept and admit the truth of how I feel, I now have to do the very thing I empower my clients to do:  say it out loud, use my core desired feelings as a guide, make decisions, and know that some shit WILL inevitably hit the fan; and so, I will prepare to navigate it with grace, intention, courage and love.

As I speak this truth, I recognize that to speak it means that I will have to take action…which I am now prepared to do.

I am no longer going to “sell” to you.  I will share everything I have learned and experienced with you and I will extend as many invitations to support you as I possibly can, but I am going to trust that if and when you need me, you will never hesitate to reach out to me.  I am here for you, you are never alone.

When you find yourself at a crossroad and needing support to get clear on what comes next and how to take action when it is scary, uncomfortable and uncertain; you know where I am.  I will love and support you every step of the way; through the crazy, messy, overwhelming and exhilarating path of claiming what you really want.  And I will stand confidently with you when you take the bold and frightening steps that will guide you to the freedom you so deserve.

I am going to let go of my event and instead, focus all of my time, energy and attention on creating the resources, programs and services that are what will really change your life.  My “Fierce and Feminine Resilience Program” has been begging to be born and I am ready to set it free.

I have been working tirelessly on putting it into a concrete, strategic guidebook for you, one that will actually teach you the power of your own resilience.  When you learn not only the sources of power you possess and how to harness them during time of turbulence, tension and transition, you will have found the courage, confidence, peace and joy that we all desire.

There it is.

My #rawandreal story….my vulnerable and powerful truth.

My soul has been speaking and I am determined to listen.

Under it all is where my desire to love myself enough to make hard decisions intersects with my desire to love and support you.

Call me anytime…together we will figure it out.

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